Mykah’s Valance and Crib Skirt

31 May

My cousin, Carrie, asked if I would make a valance and crib skirt for her daughter, Mykah’s bedroom.  She said she wanted to pay me or if I wanted, she would make me something in exchange.

Carrie is a very talented and creative ceramicist.  Her work ( has received numerous awards and is unlike anything you have ever seen.  She also makes a variety of other pieces like platters, cups, bowls, candle holders, etc., which you can see sprinkled around her country farm house in Brookville, Ohio.

I am definitely going to take her up on her offer to make me something…hmm, what do I want?  Ramekins.  I’ve been wanting to buy some but never got around to it.

I went over to Carries’ to go over what she wanted.  The fabric she bought for the valance and crib skirt were two cute curtain panels from Ikea.  I often use curtains, sheets and tablecloths for my sewing projects.  There’s a lot of colors and patterns available and you get a lot of fabric for the price.

Curtain Panel From Ikea


Each panel measured 47″ X 98″.  I needed a width of at least 43″ so I had to cut the top off each panel and sew them together.

I cut each panel to measure 16″.  Then I sewed the two pieces together by cutting off the right side seam of one panel and the left side seam of the other panel.  Then I ripped opened the headers just enough to be able to sew the panels together.  Then I pressed and finished the seams and sewed the header back in place.  Next, I ripped opened the side header seams and sewed across the header to form a 1 1/2″  rod casing.  The panel headers were 3″ and adding the rod casing which left a 1 1/2″ header at the top…perfect!   The last step was to fold up the bottom 1/2″ and 1/2″ again and stitch in place.


Rather than a ruffled skirt, Carrie wanted one that hung flat on each side.  She gave me the old one so I could use it for the measurements I needed.

I only needed to use the rest of one panel, and the design made this project really easy!

I was able to cut the four skirt pieces I needed from each finished side of the curtain so there was no bottom hem to make.  I finished the side seams for each skirt piece.  Then I took an old white sheet, cut it to size, pinned and sewed the skirt pieces to it, finished the seams, and ironed the the seams flat toward the center…how easy was that!

After I finished, I kept looking at the leftover fabric and thought, what can I make from this?  I always like to make a little something extra for the people I sew for.  I decided on a laundry bag.

Simple.  Cute.  Useful…my job was done.

I dropped them off and Carrie liked the way they turned out.  I can’t wait to see how look when they finish re-decorating Mykah’s room.

Carrie said she would work on my Ramekins this fall…can’t wait!  I’ll show you them in a post when I get them.


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