Special Update…to My Lavender First Aid Ointments

6 Jun

On Sunday, June 3rd, the very day I was drafting my Lavender First Aid Ointment post, I cut my finger.   As I was about to put some of my ointment on it I thought, hey, why don’t I take pictures of my cut to show how well it heals using my ointment, and then post the results on my blog!   What perfect timing to get a cut!

So that’s what I did.   Here’s the pictures I took and the actions I took to help heal my cut.

I tried my best to take good pictures…it’s hard holding and snapping pictures with one hand!

Day 1 (6/3/2012)

As you can see in the picture, the cut was more like a gouge where the skin was torn away.   I lightly rubbed my Lavender ointment on it after I took the picture.

Before I went to bed I noticed there was redness around the cut and it was hard to bend my finger because the cut was over a joint.   I rubbed more ointment on the cut before I went to bed…I probably should have put a band-aid on it, but I didn’t.

Day 2 (6/4/2012)

In the morning, after washing my face and getting dressed I rubbed my ointment on the cut and then put a band-aid on it to keep it protected and allow the ointment to penetrate…it was still red and sore when I touched it.

In the afternoon, I removed the band-aid and took a picture. The area was moist from the band-aid and I could see that the gouge had closed up. The redness was gone and I could bend my finger with no stiffness or pain. I rubbed more ointment on it and put on a band-aid.

In the evening, I removed the band-aid and rubbed on more ointment. I left it uncovered so it could dry out and form a scab…nature’s band-aid.

Day 3 (6/5/2012)

In the morning I took a picture of my cut.   A scab had started forming and I could rub it and it didn’t hurt.   In fact, it was smooth when I rubbed over it.   I rubbed on more ointment and left it alone.

I rubbed on more ointment early afternoon and went about my day.

I made some of my Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes and while I was washing up my dirty dishes, I noticed that water was beading up around my cut.  So, I grabbed my camera and took this picture.

It’s because of the beeswax in the ointment…just another reason why this Lavender First Aid Ointment is great stuff!

My cut is on its way to being completely healedwith a little help from the ointment!  

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