When It Rains…It Pours

14 Jun

I haven’t posted anything for awhile, because I’ve got six (6) projects going on.   No, it’s actually 25.   I’m going to be a very busy woman for awhile!

I’ve got 2 car seat organizers and 2 crayon holders to make for my niece that needs to be done before they leave for Florida on June 22.

My husband and I went in with my daughter and her husband and bought a used pull out camper.  The cushions and curtains, pictured below,  need replaced…they smell musty and have some wear to them.  So, I’m going to recover the cushions (12) and make 9 curtain panels.

I’ll be making the car seat organizers and crayon holders first…I have the fabric and they won’t take me long to make them.   I’ll take photos and share them with you on a later post.

My daughter and I JUST found the fabric for the cushions and curtains (took us over 3 hours and 4 fabric stores to find the right fabric.  These are going to take a while…I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  Just for grins, here’s a photo of how I calculated the fabric needed  for recovering the back seat cushions…there’s another for the bottom seat cushions.

So, I’m off…sewing, ripping, measuring, cutting and sewing and sewing and sewing…

Talk with ya later…hopefully not too much later.


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