In Memory Of My Father

17 Jun

First, I want to wish all the Father’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!

I miss my Dad. He’s been gone since 2007.

My Dad was a wonderful artist. I remember as a child, I would stand next to him and watch him paint. It amazed me how he could turn a white canvas into a beautiful picture with just a brush and some paints.

My favorite Christmas gift as a child was a wooden box with a handle that was filled with paints, pencils, erasers, drawing paper and other art supplies…I just loved that box!

My father had that same “urge to create” that I have. I remember a day when he was feeling down about not being able to sell more of his work, and wondering whether he should just stop painting. I told him that he couldn’t stop painting because it was what he “had” to do. That “urge” inside to create something. He nodded in agreement and that was the end of that discussion…he knew I was right.

My dad was a gentle, quiet man. He rarely raised his voice to us kids (six of us), but when he did, we listened. As an adult, I remember one year I forgot his birthday. Oh, I felt sooooo bad. I went over to see him and I told him how sorry I was and started crying. He said it was OK, and for me not to worry about it. He never knew how much his forgiveness meant to me…I never forgot his birthday again.

I would like to honor my Dad today by showing off some of his work. Many of his paintings I had not seen until after he passed away. The Christmas after his death I wanted to do something special so I made everyone in my family a calender with photos of his paintings.

This is called Cy’s Back Porch. This painting was accepted in the American Watercolor Society’s Exhibition in New York and received the Distinguished Painting Award in the Exhibition at Marietta College in Ohio.

I really like this picture.

He enjoyed painting ducks and and other water foul.

He also liked painting old barns and houses

He said he liked painting golf courses because they have some of the most beautiful landscapes.

I really liked this painting.  I chose it to be my birth month calender picture.

I believe this is of my Mom’s tomato garden…years ago.

Lastly, this is a color pencil drawing of my Dad by my cousin, Kevin Longley, another great artist in the family.  I know he won’t mind me stealing it from his site ( drawings, Kevin.   Kevin drew this picture of Dad from a photo shortly after he passed away. He gave all of us a print and we cherish it…I’m looking at mine right now.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad…I love you and miss you.


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