Car Seat Organizers and Crayon Holders

19 Jun

My niece, Lisa, emailed me last Saturday to ask if I would make car seat organizers and crayon holders for her children, Hannah, age 11, and Braedan, age 4, before they leave for Florida on June 22.   I sent her a picture of one I found on line and she said it would be OK.   We verified that the measurements (18” X 27”) would work for her seats.

I had some “Cars” fabric I could use for Braedan’s and some floral and matching blue fabric for Hannah’s.   I printed the picture of the dimensions from the site I found ( The site has a good step by step tutorial, but all I needed was the diagram showing the size and placement of the pockets.

The floral fabric had fleece ironed on the back and the matching blue had interfacing applied, so I thought they would give the organizer more substance.   I didn’t have any fleece for the “cars” fabric, so I ironed on heavy interfacing to the front back to give it more strength…the fabric was very thin and wouldn’t hold up on its own.

I cut out all the pieces I needed for both organizers according to the diagram (I would have included the diagram picture, but it requires the authors approval, so I’m respecting her wishes).

I decided to cover the pocket top edges with bias tape to give it some color and strength.

On Hannah’s, I cut out two flowers from the floral fabric and ironed on fusible web and ironed them on two of the pocket fronts…just a little something special.

Here’s a helpful tip:

When sewing the pocket stitch lines, I used strips of tape as a guide…it’s a lot more accurate than using pins and “eyeing it”.

Instead of making button holes at the top, I decided to make one continuous opening, 1 1/2” down from the top edge, based upon the measurements Lisa gave me.   To do this, I drew a 8” X 1/2” rectangle on the floral fabric, sewed just outside the markings, slit open the center, iron the seam allowance to the back and top stitched it.   For the back opening,  I laid the floral front on the back (right sides together), traced around the opening, cut it out and zigzagged the edges.

Right side together, I pinned and stitched 3/8” along all the edges.   I turned it right side out through the top opening and pressed the seams.   I pinned the front and back openings together and zigzagged the edges together.   I topped stitched 1/4” on all sides.    Done.

Braedan’s organizer was easier and quicker to make (didn’t have the fleece).    For his pockets I cut a front and back piece to give them more strength (as I mentioned earlier, the fabric was thin) and added bias tape to the tops and bottom of the top row of pockets.

I went to Lisa’s to “try them on” and determine where the bottom elastic needed to go.   To both our surprise her headrests did not come off!!!   Now what do I do???    I was really happy that I decided to make a continuous opening at the top versus two button holes (from the website directions).    Now all I needed to do was cut the top and add a Velcro closure.    I had Lisa hold up the organizers so I could determine where to place the bottom elastic.    I took them home and added the Velcro closure and elastic.

I was out of white Velcro…oh well, they’ll still do the job.

 Now I was done!

Crayon Holders

Lisa sent me this link she found on Pinterest…she and my daughter loves Pinterest. I followed the site instructions, except I added a 1/2 seam allowance for a width of 17 1/2” so the first and last pockets aren’t shortened too much by the seams and top stitching.  

I had the crayon and circle fabric for Braedan’s and I bought a couple of fat quarters for Hannah’s.    For their ties, I used the same bias tape that I used for their car organizers.

Lisa and the kids stopped by to pick up their organizers and crayon holders.  We put them on the seats…here’s what they looked like.

I’m sure they’ll come in handy for their long trip to Florida.

I’ve Got Another Project!

While I was at Lisa’s trying on the organizers, I got another sewing job!  Her neighbor wants new cushions for her two wicker chairs…she couldn’t find any to fit as they are an unusual shape.  I told her that I was currently working on recovering 12 camper cushions, and she said she wasn’t in any hurry.

Looks like I’m going to stay busy for awhile….love it, love it, love it!


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