Tissue Paper Pom Pom Centerpiece

6 Jul

Pom Pom Centerpiece

I created this tissue paper pom pom centerpiece by accident and have made them for two very special celebrations.

I first heard of tissue pom poms while I was planning my daughter’s backyard wedding reception. She saw them at her step sister’s reception and really liked them. I looked online and found the project on Martha Stewart’s site. Here’s the link: http://www.marthastewart.com/how-to/tissue-paper-pom-poms-how-to#slide_0

When I read through the directions, I thought, “this is exactly how I made Kleenex tissue carnations when I was a children”…exactly.

kleenex carnation

We would brush the edges of the carnations with nail polish (here I used a marker) and spray them with perfume. It was such an easy and fun craft project. 

I decided to try making one of these pom poms, so I bought some tissue paper at the dollar store. The colors my daughter wanted were fuchsia, yellow and dark blue.

As I was separating the layers, pulling them all toward one side, I noticed that the other side was flat…hmm? I laid it on the table and thought, “centerpieces…that’s what I can do with these”. Then I went and got a votive candle holder, opened up the middle of the pom pom and set it down in the center. The holder was too small compared to the size of the pom pom, so I got a cocktail glass, pushed it down in the middle and, voila! Perfect. I then placed the votive holder inside the glass. These would be perfect outside on the tables and the glass would keep the candles from being blown out by the wind. 

I ended up making about twelve pom pom centerpieces in fuchsia and yellow. I used white vinyl tablecloths and blue plates, cups, cutlery and napkins to finish out her color theme. Her step sister helped out by making some regular round pom poms which we hung from a lighted arch that stood over a table decorated with a small wedding cake, photos of the married couple and an envelope gift box.


The second time I used these pom pom centerpieces was for a surprise brunch my daughter and I gave for my Mom and the other “Mothers” in our family. What made it a real surprise was that it was held at my Mom’s house! My brother took care of getting her out of the house and returning her in time for the brunch.

I used this china place settings my mother-in-law left us on a white tablecloth with pink napkins. I placed a clear glass vase filled with pink tulips in the middle of the table, and a pink and white pom pom centerpiece on each side, with rose scented votives. 

For the menu, my daughter and I made mini chicken salad croissants, a mixed salad with Italian dressing, vegetable cream cheese and cucumber finger sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, and coffee, pink lemonade and raspberry ice tea to drink. 

Only my Mom did not know about the brunch, so after everyone else arrived, we waited for her to come home. When she opened the door and looked into the dining room, she was soooo surprised! She started crying, saying over and over, “I don’t believe this”. Needless to say we all had a wonderful Mother’s Day brunch.

These pom pom centerpieces (and regular pom poms) are so easy and inexpensive to make, and you can make them any size you want. Walmart has a tissue paper bonus pack that contains 10 different colors for just a few dollars.

Why not try making some yourself. They’ll definitely make a big statement at your next celebration.

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