Keep Kids Busy and Learning This Summer

16 Jul

Puzzles are a good and fun way for kids to keep learning during the summertime.   You can pick up all kinds of puzzle books cheap at the dollar stores. 

Better yet, why not have your child create their own puzzles!   By getting your child involved they will be more inclined to work the puzzles, and learn in the process. 

I checked online for free puzzles and found a good one.   In addition to offering a variety of free puzzles to create and print, there’s other activities and information your kids may enjoy as well. 

I personally like word search puzzles, so I thought I would try making one to see how it worked.   I decided to name it, Family Tree, and keyed in all the names of my family and hit the Create My Puzzle! button and voila…I got my word search puzzle.

free puzzle maker

There’s a print option above the puzzle name so you can print them out for your kids to work. 

Here’s the link if you want to give it a try:    Free Puzzle Maker

In addition to a “family tree” puzzle, your child could create puzzles of their favorite cartoon characters, movies, animals, holidays, chores…anything that might interest them. 

My Scavenger Hunt Game 

When we took car trips with our children, my husband and I would write down a list of “things to find” and then we would divide up into two teams. Each team would try to look for the things on the list and mark them off. The team who found the most things got a little something special. Everyone had so much fun, staring out the windows and yelling out when they found something. It made the trip go a lot faster and kept the kids busy…which was a very good thing. 

A couple of years ago I decided to create a scavenger hunt game for my niece’s kids to play during their drive to Florida. Rather than just list things for them to find, I added pictures so they would know at a glance what they needed to find. I had so much fun making it and they had a lot of fun playing it.

Here’s the Smart Family Scavenger Hunt Game game…feel free to use it. 

Keeping kids busy (and learning) can be just as much fun for you as it is for them!


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