Treatment For Lice

17 Aug

My niece, Lisa, emailed me to tell me her daughter’s friend had lice, and if I would make a shampoo for her daughter and a spray for their car.  She read in my Shoo Bugs, Don’t Bother Me post that Lavender and Lemongrass were good for lice… and, she knew I had some! 

I emailed her back telling her that I had just bought some Tea Tree Castile Soap that I could use with some Lavender soap I had to make her a spray shampoo.  I also told her I would make a spray she could use in her car…the friend had been riding in their car. 

Wanting to see what else I could do, I looked up headlice in The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy book and found the following treatment for headlice.  In addition to treating headlice this treatment will leave your hair very soft and shiny. That’s what My Rosemary Hair Conditioner does for my hair. 

Hair Oil Treatment For Headlice

75ml (about 3 oz) vegetable oil (i.e., olive,sunflower)

25 drops eucalyptus essential oil

25 drops lavender essential oil

25 rosemary essential oil

 Put the essential oils into a dark glass bottle, add the vegetable oil and shake well. 

Apply (about 1 tablespoon) to wet hair by massaging well into the scalp to reach the hair roots.   Pay particular attention to the areas around the ears and nape of the neck where lice breed. 

Leave on for at least one hour, then shampoo out thoroughly. 

Remove the eggs (nits) with a regulation fine-toothed comb. 

It is essential to repeat this treatment twice more at three-day intervals to ensure that the infestation has completely cleared. 

NOTE: I suggest that you don’t use this treatment close to bedtime, as the aroma of rosemary (peppermint and lemongrass, see below) is uplifting and energizing, which could possibly keep you from falling asleep. 

Other Essential Oils That Prevent and Destroy Parasites (fleas and lice)

These essential oils can also be used in the hair oil treatment above.





Nutritional Supplements

The book also suggests the following supplements be taken:

500mg vitamin C (two times a day)

Multivitamin and mineral supplement

1 or 2 garlic tablets/capsules (like mosquitoes, lice don’t like the taste of garlic either) 

This is just another reason why Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Rosemary are my favorite…they’re good for soooo many things!

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