A Cricut Favor Box For Any Occasion

3 Sep

Several years ago I gave my daughter a Cricut machine for Christmas.   The following year I asked to use it to make my Christmas decorations…I always pick a theme for my decorations.

I have to tell you I went all out that year.   It was my “paper” Christmas theme…more on that later.   Well, I’ve been using her Cricut machine ever since. 

One thing I’ve used the Cricut machine for a lot is making favor boxes.   There’s so many occasions to make them for and everyone enjoys receiving them. 

Wedding Reception Favor Boxes

The first favor boxes I ever made was for my oldest daughter, Chrystal’s wedding reception that we had at our home. I knew we needed some kind of favors and was very happy to find that the cartridge that came with the Cricut contained box templates.  

Chrystal’s colors were blue, yellow and fuchsia, so I went and bought blue, yellow and fuchsia poster boards (cheaper than cardstock) and made a total of 50 favor boxes.   I added “thank you” labels and we filled them with a variety of M&M’s…unfortunately I don’t have a picture of them to show you. 

Shower Favor Boxes

Baby showers and bridal showers are the perfect occasions for making favor boxes.   The problem, however, is finding the right cardstock.   Granted, there’s a lot of designer cardstock available, but they’re on the pricey side. 

If you have a computer, printer and desktop publishing software, you can design your own cardstock.   That’s what I did for some shower favor boxes I wanted to make.

First I decided on the design I wanted and created it on my computer. For the size, I cutout the box on white cardstock on the Cricut machine to determine where the design needed to be placed on the cardstock. Once I positioned the design on the computer, I printed it (in draft mode) and ran it through the Cricut machine. I continued this process until the design was perfectly placed. 

What’s nice about this is that once you have one design done you can copy it and paste it to a new sheet and change the colors, add words and graphics.

I made the pink favor boxes with the “K” cutout (with the cricut) for my daughter’s surprise baby shower. The “K” was for the baby’s (Kinsley) first initial. I filled them with mini candy bars that I wrapped in matching pink and white polka dot covers I made on my computer. I wish I had a picture of them. They turned out so cute.  The other two are wedding favor boxes I designed on my computer. 

Holiday Favor Boxes

Here’s the Halloween and Christmas favor boxes I designed and made with the cricut machine. For the Christmas box I used a picture of candy canes I found online and added the green lines and the “Ho Ho Ho!” text.   For the Halloween box I found this cute graphic online and made multiple copies of it. 

The internet really makes it easy to design your own Cricut favor boxes.   I’ve become quite a wiz at copying and manipulating images I find online. 

Birthday Party Favor Boxes

Kids love doing crafts and what better place than at a birthday party.

Why not have the kids create their own favor boxes?

Simply cut the number of boxes you need from white cardstock, gather a variety of craft items and let the kids go to town. When the kids are done decorating their boxes, they (or you) can fill them up with goodies like candy, stickers, small toys, etc.   I recommend you give each child a scored, flat box to decorate, then fold and put them together (I use double stick tape) when they’re done.   Also, buy glue dots for the kids to use.   They’re super strong and don’t make a mess. 

Product Sample Boxes

When my niece, Lisa, was going to rent a booth at a holiday open house for her Mary Kay products, I offered to make her some boxes for the samples she was giving out.

I created the design on my computer and then cut the boxes with the Cricut machine. 

These Cricut boxes are also good for giving gift cards too.

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