Another Zzzpal For Braedan

20 Sep

When my great niece, Hannah, was born in 2000, I gave her a Zzzpal doll I had created.   It was the first stuffed doll I had ever made.   I called it Zzzpal because I stuffed it with real Lavender to help promote sleep. 

When Hannah’s brother, Braedan, was born in 2006, I gave him a boy Zzzpal for his crib. Come to find out it became his favorite bedtime friend!

After years of hugging, washing, and mending it was showing a lot of wear, so my niece asked if I would make him another Zzzpal.   I went rummaging through my craft room and couldn’t find the pattern anywhere.   I still had the green flannel and satin ribbon and thought I would just try to make another pattern…Braedan wouldn’t allow me to keep his Zzzpal to use as a guide.

Here’s Braedan’s new, lavender stuffed Zzzpal.   It turned out a little skinnier but I’m sure he’ll like it as much as his first one. 

Since my “Zzzpal” days, I’ve made all kinds of stuffed animals and dolls.   Here’s my granddaughter, Kinzley, holding her lavender bunny I made her this past Easter.

And here’s the bedtime bear I made for my grandson, Caden, when he was born…I also made a pink bedtime bear for my sister’s granddaughter.


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