A Scarecrow To Greet The Fall Season

22 Sep

With today being the first day of fall, I thought I would hang up my scarecrow.   This old guy has been hanging on my front door every fall for, oh, I’d say well over 10 years!

I don’t remember where I got the instructions…probably from a magazine.   Looking at the construction it looks like I made his head by placing a layer of muslin and batting over an embroidery hoop and gluing it to the inside edge.   As you can see I made his face using wire and buttons…and some blush for his cheeks.   I sewed a burlap hat to fit, hot glued raffia to the inside, stuffed it with batting, and glued it to the head.

Looking at the back, I took a piece of wood and wired a piece of Styrofoam to it in the center.   I cut two sleeves from an old flannel shirt and slid them over the wood and tied and stapled them in place.   I stuffed the sleeves with newspaper, added some raffia, and tied them with jute.   I folded a hanky and stapled that to the wood, then I wrapped and tied on a strand of fall leaves. 

I hot glued the Styrofoam and wood to the back of the head and also tied jute around the wood and hot glued the ends under the hat…just to make sure it would hold.   Lastly, I tied on fishing line for hanging. 

Even though he’s lasted as long as he has, if I were to make him again, I would use a round piece of wood for his head so the fabric (and batting) and arms could be nailed to it rather than glued and tied on. 

Now it’s time to go find and pull out my interior fall decorations.

Happy Fall everyone!


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