Helpful Sewing Tips

1 Oct

I’m always looking for ways of doing things easier and quicker.   Throughout my years of sewing I’ve come across and created some helpful tips that might come in handy for you too. 

My Thread Spool Holder

Rather than spend the money on a thread spool holder, I decided to make my own.   I took a shelf from an old TV stand, marked off 1 1/2” squares and then hammered 2” nails to hold the spools.   I ended up with 99 nails which were long enough to hold multiple spools and bobbins.   I also glued on some Styrofoam pieces to hold safety pins and needles so they’re readily available.   I figured this saved me well over $50 and it was so easy to make.

Prewashing Cotton Fabric

I wish I remember where I found this tip so I could give them the credit.  If you’ve ever prewashed your cotton fabric, you know what a stringy mess it can be when you pull it out of the washer.  To prevent this, I use to zigzag the cut edges before I prewashed my fabric.   Now, all I do is cut a small square from each corner of the fabric and throw it in the washer and then the dryer.   The results:   NO STRINGY MESS!  Try it for yourself…you’ll be glad you did.

Magnet Pin Holder

 When I’m using a lot of pins on a sewing project, I like to lay a magnet face up on my sewing machine so when I come across a pin I simply remove it and place it on the magnet. 

Stuffing A Project

When you have a project that needs to be filled with stuffing, like a long tube, try this.

Start filling your project with the stuffing as you are turning it right side out.   As you stuff it, release more fabric until it’s completely turned right side out.   It works so much better than using a ruler or yardstick to shove the stuffing in.

Reusing Stuffing

My craft room is full of things I plan to reuse, like cardboard, boxes, foam, buttons, pillows, etc.   I had a cushion from a chair my daughter never used any more.   I ripped it open and found a ton of stuffing.   I pulled it out and stored it in a large plastic bag…2 bags in fact. 

The stuffing had gotten matted down from being sat on, so to fluff it up, I simply grab a handful and begin pulling out small pieces with my other hand.   The bag of “fluffed stuffing” in the above picture was made from only two handfuls of the “matted stuffing”.   I think I’m set on stuffing for awhile! 

Reusing Foam

Foam is very expensive. Last year I made my husband a 5” high seat cushion and the foam cost $50!   Luckily I had a 50% off coupon.

 When we recently bought new furniture, I made sure to keep the cushions…for the foam.   I wouldn’t have been able to sell the old furniture for what the foam cost.   My husband uses one of the cushion foam pieces when he has to get on a roof to paint. 

If you didn’t know, you can cut foam easily by using an electric meat slicer or a serrated knife.   Also, you can glue foam pieces together using spray adhesive. 

What Are Some Of Your Helpful Tips?

If you have any helpful sewing or crafting tips you would like to pass on, let me know.  


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