My Campsite Halloween Decorations

17 Oct

My daughter and her family are going camping this weekend at a nearby KOA for Halloween.   My husband and I are planning on visiting them on Saturday, so I thought I would surprise them with a couple of Halloween decorations for their campsite.

This pumpkin witch was a snap to make.   I sewed a piece of elastic onto a witch hat with glow in the dark spiders and placed it on the large light up pumpkin I had on my mantle. 

For my next decoration, I wanted to incorporate the camper’s Ohio State theme.    I had a scary mask, glow in the dark skeleton hands and black cape and thought I would make a Buckeye Bogey Man…my husband came up with the name.

For his head I filled a paper bag with newspaper, inserted a cardboard tube and secured it with wax string.    I cut slits all around the bottom of the tube, spread them out and taped it onto a heavy cardboard tube (from the camper cushion fabric I bought) I cut down for his arms. 

Now it was time to dress him.   I added an Ohio State football jersey, the black cape, the skeleton hands (tucked inside black tube socks I slid on each end of the tube), some gray hair (batting) and the mask.    I attached some black wire for hanging and sewed it to his head to keep it from falling down. 

The results…awesome and scaaaaaary!

Oh, yea, I covered the mask eye holes with red felt and added red glitter glue on the outside.   He’s so big you can’t even see my husband behind him holding him up.   He should definitely make a statement.    I can’t wait to show off my Buckeye Bogey Man… I just hope he doesn’t scare the grandkids!


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