My Homemade Fire Starters

29 Oct

I thought I would get a head start on the homemade fire starters we use in our wood burning fireplace and campfires.  They work good and are really easy to make.   The main ingredient I use is dryer lint because it catches fire very quickly…and it’s free.   When my husband and I clean the lint screen we put the lint in a can I have sitting on the dryer. When the can gets full I put it in a bag to make my fire starters.

To make these dryer lint fire starters, gather whatever paper you have.   It can be newspaper, craft paper, wrapping paper, brown paper bags, etc.   You’ll need some wax like an old candle or crayons, and some string. 

If necessary, cut the paper the size you want the fire starters to be. 

Place some lint on the paper, light the candle (or crayon) and drip some wax all over the paper and lint.   This is an important step because the wax will make the fire starter burn longer. 

Roll the paper (and lint) up in a tube, twist the ends and tie closed. 

That’s it.   Quick and easy. 

You can also stuff toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes with the lint, add drops of wax, wrap them in paper, twist and tie the ends closed.

Last year for Christmas I filled an empty Ohio State popcorn tin with fire starters and gave them to my son-in-law.   He used them in their wood burning stove and said they worked great.


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