Turning Halloween Candy Into Christmas Treats

16 Nov

We had very few trick or treaters this year and so I was left with almost a whole bag of Sweetarts.   I didn’t know what to do with them.   I gave some to our grandsons whenever they stopped by, but I still had so many left. 

Then I got the idea of making candy bracelets out of the Sweetarts and giving them to the kids at our family Christmas Eve party. 

I got my trusty drill…every crafter should have one, and cleaned the small drill bit with hot soapy water and dried it.   I placed the  Sweetarts on a new sponge and slowly drilled holes through them.   I have to say the larger Sweetarts were easier to drill than the small ones.

I had several break on me, but I kept drilling and soon I had a bowl full and ready to be strung.

I didn’t have any elastic “thread” so I used the elastic from some new party hats I had, and cut them in half which made 7” pieces.   To make it easy to insert into the small holes, I wrapped tape around the elastic before I cut them in half.    I added a paper clip on the other end and then threaded on the Sweetarts.    Lastly, I tied (triple tied) the elastic ends together, trimmed the excess, and voila, Sweetart candy bracelets. 

They were actually fun to make and I’m sure the kids will enjoy them too.


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