Caden’s 2nd Birthday Party…A Success!

20 Nov

My grandson, Caden’s race car themed birthday party turned out really nice.   His mom did a great job decorating the house inside and out.

Here’s what she did for the outside entrance to her house…cute huh.   For the “road” she used black fabric and white tape.

Here’s the Happy Birthday banner she made…

Caden’s picture display on the kitchen cabinets (love the covered clips)…

Race Car Goodie Table

and the goodie table with traffic light rice krispie treats, my red chocolate covered pretzel rods, caramel corn, cotton candy, cupcakes…

Race Car cake

and the race car birthday cake a friend made for her…sorry the picture’s a little blurry.

riding cardboard race cars

Everyone loved the cardboard race cars and the kids had fun “riding” them too.

Caden received lots of presents…mostly cars which he’s really into.   Next came the best present of all…

something he can actually drive himself!   It even has a working radio.

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and have him blowout the candles.   


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