My Mini Cupcake Stand and Wall Decor

25 Nov

I needed a way to display the mini cupcakes I’m planning to make for our Christmas Eve party, and I came up with this really easy cupcake stand. 

Here’s how I made it.


one 12” and one 14” cake boards (I found them at Walmart for about $4 each.   They come in 5 -12” board and 4 -14” board packs)

12” Styrofoam cone

12” x 12” (glitter) cardstock

Box cutter

Glue stick

Red vinyl tape (not pictured)

Cricut Machine

For the 12” cake board I cut a 9”cardstock circle using the Real Size button on my cricut machine.   I unloaded it and marked the center of the circle with a pencil.   Then I loaded the paper back into the machine, moved the butting blade to the pencil mark and cut a 2 1/4” circle using the Center Point and Real Size buttons. 

For the 14” cake board I cut a 11” cardstock circle using the Fit To Page button on the cricut machine.   Like the 12” circle I marked the center and then cut a 4 1/4” circle using the Center Point and Real Size buttons. 

I centered the card stock circles on the back of the cake boards, traced around the center circles, and then cut them out using the box cutter.   Take your time cutting the circles out.   Use short, repeated cuts until the blade makes it through to the other side. 

I then centered and glued the cardstock circles on top of each cake board.   I then made a cupcake out of cardstock for the top and taped a cut piece of a wooden skewer to the back. 

At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to decorate the Styrofoam cone.   I didn’t want it to clash with the boards or cupcakes, so I decided just to wrap around some red vinyl tape.   I kept the plastic on because I didn’t want any of the Styrofoam to flake off and get onto my cupcakes…that wouldn’t be very tasty. 

To assemble, I placed the 14” board on first, then the 12” board and stuck the cardstock cupcake on top. 

Since I’m planning on serving a variety of mini cupcakes, I made two stands.   If I end up with too many cupcakes, I can always cover the leftover cake boards and set them on top of inverted colorful bowls. 

Giant Cricut Cupcake Wall Decor and Wrapped Candy

To decorate the wall behind the mini cupcake table, I made these giant cricut cupcakes from glitter cardstock.  With the leftover cardstock I made small “wrapped” candy.  I’m thinking of using them to decorate the garland on the stairs.

4 Responses to “My Mini Cupcake Stand and Wall Decor”

  1. Pillows A-La-Mode November 25, 2012 at 9:34 AM #

    I love these! I’m actually making a cupcake gift set for a little girl this week, so I may be borrowing some of your ideas! Hmmmmm . . . :)

    • pegeads November 27, 2012 at 9:27 AM #

      Thankst! I’m sure she’ll love whatever you do


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