My Christmas Mantle and Tree

13 Dec

Finished mantle and tree

My husband and I spent the entire day yesterday, cooking and decorating our newly painted family room and kitchen area.   I just had to take a picture to show you our “Winter Wonderland” themed mantle and Christmas tree all lit up. 

I wasn’t sure what to use on the mantle with my sports snowmen and lighted garland, and then I thought of the “Let It Snow” cards. They helped add some color and interest…and of course they went with the theme.

Let It Snow cards

These took no time to make.   I used red cards and cut them to measure 4” wide X 4 1/4” high when folded.   I cut 3” squares from blue card stock and the letters from white sparkle card stock on my cricut machine, and then glued them to the cards.   I finished the mantle by hanging sparkly some snowflakes (using my cricut) from the ceiling, using clear Command hooks…I love these hooks.

Snowman Christmas Tree

Snowman topper and ornaments

My husband decided on the red and white colors for the tree and really liked the snowman topper I made.   The small fleece snowmen  I had made years ago.   I simply sewed two fleece circles together, stuffed them, sewed them closed, added a hanger, added the face with puffy paint and glued on a blue satin bow.   The snowflakes were made from craft sticks that I painted white,  glued together and then decorated with silver glitter glue. 

My New Snowman Tree Topper

Snowman tree topper

This snowman tree topper just kinda happened by accident, and at the last minute, so I didn’t get a chance to take “how to” pictures.   I had intended on using the head “form” for something else, but when my husband said we needed a tree topper I knew the form would make a perfect lighted snowman topper. 

I had made the form by layering a balloon with strips of cheesecloth soaked in a glue and water mixture.   I made the strips long enough to go from the top, down and around and back up to the top, and secured the ends with a rubber band.   I made sure I overlapped the strips to give it more strength when dry.   I hung it and allowed it to completely dry.  I removed the rubber band, popped and removed the balloon.   NOTE: This form is not real hard, so you need to be careful working with it. 

I knew I wanted to be able to stick a lighted tree branch inside the “head”  so I glued about a 3” piece of a cardboard tube inside the form opening.   I “gently” put on the beanie and then cutout and glued on the felt eyes and nose. 

I gently placed him on the tree and then wrapped a folded strip of red felt around his neck and fringed the ends.   Voila!   My lighted snowman tree topper! 

Now, I’ve got a new project that my husband gave me to do.   It’s another snowman… apparently there’s a wall that needs “something”.   I’ll post about it later…I hope.   I have no idea what I’m going to make.


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