My Felt Snowman Friend(s)

17 Dec

In 2010 I made these Felt Snowman Friends to give to all the kids at our family’s annual Christmas Eve party that my husband and I host.   Instead of wrapping them I used them as part of my decorations…they were just too cute not to. Before everyone left I let the kids pick the one they wanted to take home.

These guys are really easy to make. 

My Felt Snowman Friend

Felt: white for body, black for eyes, red for mouth, pink for cheeks

Fleece or felt for beanie

Long grain rice or popcorn kernels


Embroidery thread


1.  Print and cut out Felt Snowman Friend PATTEN 

2.  Trace and cut out pattern pieces from felt. 

3.  Stitch 2 body pieces together 1/4” along both sides, leaving 4” open at the top for turning. 

4.  Stitch bottom piece to right sides of body piece 1/4”.   Clip seam allowance and turn right side out. 

5.  Fill bottom with 1-2 inches of rice or popcorn and then fill with stuffing.   Stitch top opening closed. 

6.  Beanie:   Sew the 8” sides of beanie piece together 1/2”.   Finish the seam by trimming one seam allowance close to the stitching, then fold the other seam allowance over and stitch close to edge through all thicknesses. 

7.  Beanie cuff:   Turn one edge up 1 1/4”, fold top under 1/4” and stitch in place along the fold. 

8.  Hand sew a long gathering stitch around the top of the beanie, 1” down from the edge.   Pull both ends of thread tightly to gather and tie a knot to secure.   Dab knot with glue and let dry. 

8.  Place the beanie on the body with the seam in back and tack in place at the sides. 

9.  Position the eyes, cheeks and mouth pieces with a dab of glue.   Slip stitch the pieces in place with matching embroidery thread. 

10.  If desired, add an embellishment to the beanie.

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