Winter Bird Seed Wreath

15 Jan

winter bird seed wreath

When I saw these homemade bird seed wreaths online, I just had to make one for my mother for Christmas.  

mini bird seed wreaths

I tried one recipe using mini bundt pans that called for just bird seed and egg whites but they didn’t harden.   I then tried this recipe ( and it turned out great!   It was really easy and fun to make.   The only additional instructions I would give is to make sure you allow it to set for an additional 24 – 48 hours after you’ve removed it from the pan.   It needs this time to completely harden. 

My mom really liked her bird seed wreath and talking with her the other day, she said she saw a red bird pecking at it, and of course a squirrel or two…they need to eat too. 

This would make a great winter project for kids to do.   Instead of a bundt pan they could pack the mixture into large cookie cutters.   Just make sure to insert a hole for hanging…a straw would work good.


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