An Epiphany…an AHA moment

17 Jan

Recently I had been spending way too much time worrying (and praying) about my future and what wasn’t happening in my life.   Sound familiar?   Then a couple of days ago I got an epiphany, an “aha” moment when the words “Be happy where you are today” came to my mind.   As I repeated those words to myself I realized how many days I was wasting feeling sorry for myself and the joy I was allowing to be depleted from my life….that’s what Satan does best, he tries to take away our joy. 

I know with all my heart that this message was God answering my prayers.   I started saying and writing in my journal, “I am happy where I am today”, and soon all the concerns I had fell away.   My body actually felt lighter and I felt happy and at peace.   A miracle indeed! 

I am so grateful for receiving these words of wisdom.   It wasn’t what I had prayed for, but it turned out to be what I needed…God does work for our good…in mysterious ways! 

To keep me “on track”, I created this wallpaper for my ipad using the inkflow app.   It won’t turn you into an artist, but it’s fun trying!

Inkflow HAPPY where I am wallpaper


Today, choose to be happy where you are.  It’s so much better for you and everyone else than the alternative.


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