I Love Shoveling Snow!

25 Jan

Normally I hate shoveling snow.   It’s backbreaking and takes sooo long. 

Well, not this year.   For Christmas last year I bought my husband and son-in-law a Greenworks Electric Snow Shovel… and wouldn’t you know it, we never had enough snow for them to even try it.   This year is another story.   Today is the second heavy snowfall we’ve had here in Englewood, Ohio. 

About 10:00 this morning, I thought I would surprise my husband by shoveling our driveway and sidewalk with our “new” electric snow shovel.   I have to tell you, it was actually FUN, and when my husband came home from work a couple of hours later, he was really, really surprised!

greenworks 9 amp snow shovel

Here’s the Snow Shovel after I finished.   I wanted to give you the link at Walmart.com but when I looked for it, it wasn’t available…hum, wonder why?   It got good reviews and I think it works GREAT!

driveway clean

Here’s a picture of our driveway after my husband got home.   It’s not the best picture but believe me, if the driveway wasn’t shoveled, there would be over 6” deep tire tracks behind the truck.

sidewallk clean

Here’s a better picture showing how much snow we’ve gotten…and it’s still coming down.   At least I got the majority of it shoveled off. 

I hear my neighbor shoveling next door…maybe I’ll let him borrow our electric Snow Shovel.



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