Planning A Double Birthday Party

19 Feb

My daughter Katie and I have been planning a double birthday party for her son Kylan, who’s turning 4 on March 7th, and her daughter Kinzley, who’s turning 1 on March 8th.   When Katie was in labor with Kinzley, she was determined NOT to have her on Kylan’s birthday.   She barely made it.   Kinzley was born at 12:07 a.m. 

The Invitations

For the invitations, Katie liked the “What are little boys/girls made of” sayings, and so we thought about it and decided to personalize it by including what Kylan and Kinzley were made of.   We came up with sayings for Kylan and Kinzley and the pictures she wanted on them. 

Below is what we came up with.   I created three to a page in a PDF file and sent it to her.  Katie printed them on photo paper (that was blank on the back), cut them and mailed them in number 10 envelopes.

Kylan and Kinzley INVITE pg1

This is the front of the invitation. The print quality here isn’t that great, but you get the idea.

Kylan and Kinzley INVITE pg2

This is the back of the invitation with the place, date and time, and the what Kylan and Kinzley is made of sayings we came up with.   If you can’t read them, they say:

“Our little boy is made of Angry Birds and Dino and all the Super Heros”, and

“Our little girl is made of tutus and bows and the kisses she blows”. 

I’ve got my invitation on my refrigerator, and I just have to smile every time I look at it…I’m so blessed! 

Well, I’ve got a lot of decorations to make for the kids birthday party.   I’ll be posting them later.   I can’t wait to show you the Angry Bird decorations I’m making…they’re sooo cute!


2 Responses to “Planning A Double Birthday Party”

  1. nikki baranski February 25, 2014 at 1:51 PM #

    I saw this post. We are having my daughter and nephews party together this year. They live out of town and since he will be home for Easter. We are doing a duo:) could you send pics of your decorations or ideas? He will be 3 and mine will be 2. Strange but his likes are right on with my nephew and my daughter loves dance class. Anything would help

    • pegeads February 25, 2014 at 4:02 PM #

      Hi Nikki,
      That’s a good idea having both parties together. I find it easy to print pictures on my computer of things they like and hang them around. I print on card stock so it’s sturdy.
      Here’s the link for the post of Kylan’s decorations I made on my computer.
      For Kinzley we hung pink and purple crepe paper strips on the wall as a backdrop. You could buy large letters of the kids first name and wrap them with colored yarn and set them on the gift or food table. You could make some tissue pom poms to hang or set on tables. You could gather some different colored tulle and tie it to ribbon or string and put it on a wall or around a table. You can get some real good ideas on Pinterest too. Hope this helps some. Have fun and hope the party goes well.

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