Spring Cleaning…Ugh!

1 May

I’ve been spring cleaning this week and I have to say, it’s not my favorite thing to do.   I still remember as a child, running outside to play and my sisters yelling at me to come back in to clean the bathrooms.   I have to admit though that I’m actually enjoying the process and I’m committed to clean the whole house from top to bottom…no matter how long it takes. 

Helpful Dusting Tip From My Husband

One of the best dusting tips I ever got was from my husband.  

Paint Brush Duster

He’s a professional paint contractor and when he needs to remove sanding dust from window frames he uses an old dry paint brush.    You wouldn’t believe how good it works to remove dust that gets trapped in corners!

Window screen before and after

 I used it to remove the dust and spider webs (yuk!) from the window screens that accumulated over the winter.

Lamp before and after

I used it to get into the small areas of this lamp that a cloth or swiffer couldn’t get to.   It’s great for removing dust from artificial plants, picture frames, electronic equipment, keyboards, window trim, baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, knick-knacks…anything where dust and dirt likes to hide.  The brush I picked up at Sherwin Williams was around $13.00.   It’s a little costly but well worth it!

My Other Favorite Cleaning Helpers

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to clean windows is using white vinegar and water and newspaper.  I didn’t measure it.  I just put some white vinegar in a spray bottle and added some water.   I sprayed it on, wadded up some newspaper and started wiping.   It was amazing how clean the windows got with NO STREAKING even in full sun!

window after dusting and cleaning

See how beautiful and clean my kitchen screen and window turned out using my handy brush duster and vinegar and water!   Another benefit of using vinegar and water to clean your windows is that most insects and spiders don’t like vinegar so they’re less likely to stick around or nest.

My Lavender and Lemongrass All Purpose Cleaner

A couple of years ago I tried my hand at making an all purpose cleaner.   I really like it and it smells sooo good too. Here’s the recipe. 

Makes 1 quart

2 teaspoons Borax (in the laundry aisle…see below for more uses)

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/2 cup Lavender liquid castile soap (like Bonners)

8 drops Lemongrass essential oil or 15 drop Lemon essential oil 

Fill a 32 ounce spray bottle ($1.00 at General Dollar store) 1/4 with hot water.   Add borax and shake to dissolve.   Add the vinegar, soap and water to fill.   Add sprayer and then turn the bottle several times to mix the ingredients.   When the mixture is cool, add the essential oils, add sprayer and turn several times to mix. 

In addition to the vinegar, the Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils also have insecticidal properties that repel insects making this a good cleaner for kitchen counters. 

To help justify buying a whole box of Borax, here’s a PDF file of the back of the box showing the various uses:   Borax Box Uses

Well, gotta get back to cleaning.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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