Kentucky Derby Hat For Sis

5 May

I thought I would surprise my sister with a hat to wear at the Kentucky Derby party she and some friends  went to at the Indiana Grand Casino.  

supplies for visor

Not wanting to spend any money, I decided to use what I had.   Also, rather than decorating a hat, which I didn’t have, I decided to use an old visor.   I thought she might like it better than a hat because it wouldn’t mess up her hair. 

I made some different colored tissue paper flowers, found some (Kentucky) blue tulle and sequins, and pearls that I thought might work.   I wanted to use a horse of some kind and found this site for making an origami horse, which I thought would be appropriate and unique.  I have to say, it took me several attempts before I finally “got it”.

Kentucky Derby visor

After playing around with everything, here’s what I came up with.   I think it turned out pretty good.   I dropped it off at my sisters Friday and she loved it!   Yea!!!  She really liked the visor idea.   I also gave her one of the origami horses for everyone to play with at their table.  What you do is  quickly push up on the horse’s tail with your finger so it  flips around in the air, and if you do it just right it will land on its feet. 

Hope this hat brought her lots of luck!


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