Kinzley’s Baby Girl Triceratops Halloween Costume

30 Sep

Kinzleys Baby Triceratops Costume

Here’s Kinzley’s Baby Girl Triceratops Costume and Dinosaur Egg basket I finally finished.

Kinzleys Baby Triceratops Costume front view

Here she is modeling it for Mom…she’s such a cutie!   Her mom made the tutu to make the costume more girly.   Apparently she didn’t want to wear her gloves…maybe I’ll stitch them to the cuffs so they just lay on top of her hands.

Kinzleys Baby Triceratops Costume head down

Here she is with her head down to show her face. I love the way the eyelashes turned out!  She also has a small striped tail that sticks out of her tutu.

All three kids in dinosaur costumes

Here’s a picture their mom took of all three of the kids modeling their dinosaur Halloween costumes…it’s now my new screensaver! 

It took me on and off about a month to make all three costumes, but I enjoyed every minute of it.   I made sure to stitch everything to the sweats, with the exception of their hands (gloves).   After Halloween these costumes will be for playing, so I wanted to make sure they would hold up!


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      Thank you so much!

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