My New Cozy Slippers

27 Oct

My New Slippers

With the weather getting colder and my old ones looking really ratty, I decided to make myself a new pair of slippers.

Old Worn Slippers

Here’s my old ones…shame on me for waiting so long!!!

I found the tutorial and pattern HERE a couple of years ago.  They’re easy to make once you decide on what materials you want to use.

 I made some changes as to the materials I used and a couple of construction steps, as follows:

Sole Pieces

For the Sole, I used flannel backed leather (dark green) I had on hand.  It’s heavier than the non-slip stuff.  Instead of batting I used heavy fleece and then some light green flannel for the lining sole piece.  I didn’t use a shoe sole insert either. NOTE: Make sure you cut a RIGHT and a LEFT piece.

Zigzag leather and fleece sole pieces together

To make it easier to sew to the outer fabric pieces, I zigzagged the leather and fleece sole pieces together along the edge.

Outer and lining pieces

For the outer fabric I like to use quilted fabric. It’s heavier and more insulating than plain cotton fabric.  I also cut the front inner curve about 3/4” wider to cover the top of my foot more.

gather outer pieces to fit sole piece

It’s easier to sew the outer fabric piece to the bottom (sole) if you run a gathering stitch around the toe area to “ease” in the fabric…the outer piece is larger around the toe area than the bottom (sole) piece.

open seam  in casing insert elastic

I didn’t leave an opening in the casing for inserting the elastic.  Instead, I just opened the inside back (heal) seam, inserted the elastic, stitched the elastic together and then hand stitched the opening closed. 

Once you make a pair, it’s easy to remember…I don’t even know where I put the instructions.  I just keep the pattern pieces. I did have to alter the pattern just slightly…unfortunately I’m closer to a size 10 than a size 9…ugh!


2 Responses to “My New Cozy Slippers”

  1. insearchofitall December 2, 2013 at 10:57 AM #

    As you may be able to tell I’ve been perusing your site for the last half hour and you have some very interesting things here. Kathleen from Pillows a-la-mode brought me here. I pinned your paper wreaths and love these slippers. So many I bought have some kind of foam in them that makes the feet sweat, then cold. I’ll give these a try and see if I can find a way to keep my feet finally warm. I’ll keep checking out your other stuff. Not much for food stuff but the biscotti looked wonderful too.

    • pegeads December 2, 2013 at 11:06 AM #

      Thank you so much…I’ve got my slippers on right now:)

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