Two Ingredient Handmade Clay Necklace For Caden

11 Nov

Marshall Paw Patrol Necklace

For his Firefighter birthday, I decided to make my grandson, Caden, a necklace like his favorite cartoon Paw Patrol character, Marshall.


Here’s Marshall…isn’t he cute!

Cornstarch and Glue Clay

For the clay, I saw on an online forum that you can use cornstarch and white glue. Well, that sounded easy enough, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

I only needed a small amount, so I just dumped some cornstarch into a glass bowl and mixed in enough white glue (with a spoon and then my hands) until it formed into a good, workable dough.

cutout clay necklace and allow to dry

Then I cut out the shape I wanted, poked a hole in the top (with a sewing needle) and laid it on a rack to dry. I left the needle in the hole and kept pushing it back and forth as it was drying. It took several days to dry out, but it DID and was very hard…yea!  

paint clay necklace

The next step was to paint it. I used silver, red, yellow and orange acrylic paints, allowing each coat to dry. It took at least two coats of each color.

braided plastic lace chain

For the chain I use three strands of red plastic lace I had and braided them. I did have to drill the hole a little bigger also. 

If I had to do it all over again, I would have sanded the piece first before painting it. I think Caden will enjoy it and wear it proudly, just like his friend Marshall! 

This dough is so easy to make and work with. It’s one worth trying with your kids…or grandkids, to make all kinds of things like, Christmas ornaments, gifts like, bracelets, pins, necklaces, etc. You can color the clay with food coloring too…I made some yellow but didn’t use it.


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