Play Shirts For The Grandkids

18 Dec

super grandkids play tops

My last sewing project for Christmas were these cute play tops for my grandkids, Kylan, 4, Caden, 3 and Kinzley, 21 months.

Kylan's top

Kylan likes orange, so I purchased an orange shirt. For his cape I used some shiny gold poly fabric I had. It drapes great and doesn’t fray, so I just cut a large square, gathered the corners, enclosed them in bias tape and sewed the tape to the shirt along the shoulder seams…how easy is that!


The front logos I created on my computer and printed them on Dark Tee Shirt iron on paper.  I used different font colors for each child to match their shirts.

Caden's top

For Caden I bought a blue shirt and used shiny silver poly fabric I had for his cape.

Kinzley's play top

For Kinzley, I bought a bright pink shirt and then made a ruffled skirt from some bright shiny blue and purple fabric I had, and sewed it to the shirt. Her cape is made from some shiny black poly fabric I had. 

I can’t wait to see my “Super” grandkids in their new play shirts!


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