My Light Up Christmas Present

22 Dec

light up christmas present

This was my last “present” Christmas decoration.   It was really  easy to make. Here’s how. 

1 large box

100 multicolor Christmas lights

White wrapping paper (I just used the reverse side of paper I had)

Large nail


Large bow 

Push the top flaps of the box inside. This will be the bottom. Cut an opening at the bottom on the back side for the light cord. Wrap. 

On the inside of the box, mark where the holes need to be using the lights as a guide. 

Using the nail, push it through the hole marks, then use the pen to make the hole large enough for the light. You want the hole snug so don’t push too hard. 

With the back of the box facing you, start inserting the lights through the holes on the LEFT side of the box and work around to the back. Tape the cords down if needed. 

Add the Bow and your done!

christmas light box decoration

Here’s how it looks with the lights down low…beautiful!

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