Cheap and Quick Sewing and Craft Organizers

12 Jan

crafting Stuff Before

Here’s the craft supplies I needed organized.

The box started out just holding my double stick tapes and glues, but as I was working on projects I just kept putting more things in it.  You see, my craft room is upstairs but I do most of my work downstairs.  I don’t like having to keep going upstairs to put things away so I would just keep tossing them in the box.

empty boxI found this empty box in my stash and thought it was large enough to hold all the supplies.

box bottom with dividersI used the bottom of the box and then cut off the sides from the top box to use as dividers.  I made them snug and taped them in place.  Voila!

Crafting Stuff Organized I can actually find what I need now without rummaging through that small shoe box!  I could have gone all out and covered the box, but decided not to.

Sewing Stuff Before

I had the same problem with all my sewing stuff…ugh!

Sewing Stuff Organized

And here it is all nice and organized!  Did I say they were cheap to make?  I meant to say FREE!  It pays to keep boxes.


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