Easter Carrot Treat Holders

5 Apr

Easter Carrot treat Holders

I made these cute carrot shaped treat holders to put in the grand kid’s new Easter baskets. I think they’ll be surprised when they find out there’s goodies inside them.

Here’s how I made them:

Easter Carrot Treat Holder materials

Cut one 5” x 5” square from white paper

Cut two 8” x 8” squares from tissue paper

Cut one 2” X 3” piece of green paper and cut slits along one long edge to within 1/2” from the other edge.

wrap cone with tissue paper and trim

Roll the white square into a cone and cut off the top.

Wrap the cone with the tissue paper squares, tape and cut off the top.

make fringed tops

Roll the fringed paper piece into a tube and seal with double sided tape.

fill, twist and add fringed top

Fill the inside cone with goodies of your choice, twist the top closed, apply double stick tape around the twisted top, add the fringed top and press to seal.

Pleated Easter baskets with carrot treat holders

 Here’s the carrot treat holders I made.  I haven’t filled them yet… it’s too early.  I cant’ wait to see what they do when they see them sitting in their baskets!  

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