Easy and Useful Card Stock Projects

12 Jun

Here’s a couple of card stock projects I just finished and wanted to share with you.

You can use whatever card stock you have. My decorative card stock was limited, so I looked for some digital paper on Etsy and found a 48 Chevron pack at Twenty9Designs for just $3.00! I ordered it and was immediately sent the jpg files to download to my computer. I printed a couple of them on 8 1/2” x 11” white card stock I had (from Office Depot) and then printed my template on the back. Check out Jessie’s shop, she has lots of popular kids digital paper packs too.

Card Stock Plastic Card Protectors

If you’re like me you carry a lot of plastic cards, like reward cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, casino cards, and of course credit and debit cards.   It’s important to protect the card’s magnetic strip or you might end up having to get a new card…like my husband just had to do! What was surprising is that he hadn’t used that particular card for over a year!

Plastic Card Protectors

So to keep our plastic cards in working order, I created these super easy card stock card protectors. Here’s how:

Materials Needed

Plastic Card Protector Template (makes 2 protectors)

8 1/2” x 11” card stock


Double sided tape

Print the template on the back of the card stock (if using decorative stock) Cut out the templates along the solid lines and score along the dotted line.

Fold the sides to the back and secure with double sided tape Fold the bottom flap up and secure with double sided tape. Trim the back using the front (curve) as a guide, or you can leave it as is.

Zipper Change Purse INSIDE

I keep mine in my new zippered change purse.

Once you make one you’ll want to make one for all the cards you carry…and all the gift cards you give!

Card Stock Business Card Holder

I made some business cards for my blog the other day and found that I needed something to put them in.

Trident box

I found this box of Trident gum in my purse and thought something like that would be perfect to hold my business cards.

Card Stock Business Card Holder

I calculated the dimensions I needed and came up with these card stock business holders. They’re super easy to make and holds 12 cards. Here’s how:

Materials Needed

Card Stock Business Card Holder Template (makes two holders)

8 /12” x 11” card stock


Xacto knife or razor

Double sided tape

Print template on back of printed card stock

Print the template on the back of your (decorative) card stock (I made this card stock using 3 of the digital papers from Twenty9Designs…they’re so easy to use!)

Cut out template_score and foldCut out the template along the solid lines

Score and fold along the dotted lines…FYI, to score paper and card stock I use a ruler and the metal (canvas) needle, pictured above.  It’s not pointed and really strong.

Cut the slit using an Xacto knife or razor blade

Add a strip of double sided tape to the side tabs

Insert cards and secure side tabs to back

Place your business cards inside the holder and secure the tabs to the back of the holder. The business cards makes it easier to secure the tabs without squishing the box.

Insert flap in front slitInsert the flap into the slit…and you’re done!

Make one for your purse and one to keep in your car and they’ll be no excuse for not having a business card when you need one. They make nice gifts for family, friends and business owners too.

I just added these two projects along with two others here in my Craftsy Shop that you can download for just $5.00!  


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