How To Make Pine Cone Fire Starters

5 Jul

Pine Cone Fire Starters

I just finished making these pine cone fire starters for our next camping trip. They’re hugh, thanks to my daughter, Chrystal.

Georgia pine conesDuring our visit at Chrystal’s who lives in Georgia, my son-in-law saw all these pine cones laying round her yard and asked if I wanted them for fire starters…of course I said yes! So before we left he bagged them up for me. Pine cones make great fire starters because of their high resin content. They catch fire quickly and sustains a hot burn.

fire starter suppliesI gathered all my supplies: dryer lint and used softener sheets (we save them just for this purpose), a jar candle, some old taper candles, newspaper and string.

drip wax onto pine coneFirst, I lay out some newspaper to protect the table, and another layer for the fire starters.


Then I light the jar candle and use it to light the taper candle and let the wax drip all over the pine cone. This is so much easier and faster than melting and pouring the hot wax over the pine cone…and safer too! Melted wax is very hot and highly flammable (which is why it’s used to make fire starters)

stick lint and softener sheets into conesThen I stick in pieces of dryer lint and softener sheets into the pine cone. The lint is very flammable and the softener sheets also have wax in them.

wrap in newspaper and secure with stringLastly, I wrap the cone in the newspaper and tie the end with string.  That’s it.  I’m ready to sit around a nice blazing campfire!



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