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Lego and Candyland Princess Birthday Party

13 Mar

For Kylan and Kinzley’s double birthday party this year, they chose the themes Legos and Princess. My daughter, Katie, added Candyland to Kinzley’s Princess theme so we could use one color scheme for both…primary colors.


Lego Candyland Party Invitation front

I made this Lego shaped invitation on my computer and printed them out on yellow card stock. Here’s the outside.

Lego Candyland Party Invitation-inside

For the inside I created a Candyland game board with the pertinent information, cut them out and glued them inside the card.


Kylan's Lego birthday wall

This is Kylan’s Lego wall. Katie made the banner using a Lego font; she covered the two pictures with a plastic tablecloth and added paper plates to make giant Legos; she added paper Ninja eyes to the balloons; built the number 6 (on the table) out of legos; painted the Lego containers, and…

Ninja Lego Lanterns

She made these cute Ninja Lego lanterns…

Kylan in his Lego shirt

and made Kylan (and his brother Caden) Lego shirts!

Lego juice box covers

She made these Lego juice box covers…

Lego and candy decorated cabinets

She decorated her cabinets like Legos and made the giant candies on top. It looked so good!


Kinzley's candyland birthday wall

This is Kinzley’s Candlyland Princess wall. Katie made the banner and I made the giant lollipops from pool noodles and cardboard rolls.

Kinzley's candyland birthday wall2

Katie made the number 3 picture using thumb tacks; she made lace and gem princess crowns for the girls, and added a candyland game board.

Kinzley's In her Candyland Princess Dress

Here’s Kinzley modeling her “new” candlyland princess dress. Katie bought the dress for just 99 cents! She bought the shoes and tights. What a cute little Princess!

Candyland Princess Dress Lollipops

I made the sucker embellishments from felt and ribbon and added opal pearls. Katie added the stripped ribbon.

Candyland Necklace

Katie also made the colorful necklace.


Lego food containers

The menu consisted of beef and chicken tacos and burritos, refried beans, savory and sweet cream cheese tortilla roll ups and chips and salsa. She build the plate holder out of Legos, and I made the Lego taco holders.

Easy Lego Themed Taco Holders

Here’s a close up of the Lego themed taco holders.

Dessert and Goodie table

Here’s the dessert/goodie table.

Kylan's Ninja birthday cake

Katie made both cakes. Here’s Kylan’s Ninja Lego cake sitting on a Lego built plate.

Kinzley's giant cupcake cake

Here’s Kinzley’s giant candy cupcake cake. It has a chocolate base filled with cake.

Kinzley's giant cupcake cake INSIDE

Here’s what it looks like inside…how colorful! It was yummy too:)

Blowing out their candles

Kylan and Kinzley blowing out their candles.

Layered Jello dessert

In addition to cake, there was jello and cool whip dessert…

Chocolate princess suckers and Legos

Chocolate Legos and Princess crowns…

Lifesaver candy containers

Assorted candy including these served in lifesaver candy containers Katie made by gluing foam letters onto metal cake pans and spray painting them.


Favor table

Here’s the party favor table that includes…

Lego Soap

Lego shaped soap…

Lego necklaces

Lego necklaces I made for the boys and purchased Crown bracelets for the girls…

candy filled plastic bear party favors

and these candy filled plastic bear containers. Katie bought and filled the containers and I made the hats and labels.

It was another successful party!

Kylan's Lego Bedroom

Afterwards, Katie used many of the Lego decorations to decorate Kylan’s bedroom…he loves it!

My “Presents” Christmas Decorations

12 Dec

Well, I think I’m done making the decorations for my “present” Christmas theme.

present wrapped cabinets

In the kitchen/eating area I wrapped the cabinets as presents. It was easy and really brightens up the area. It was my husbands idea…can’t believe I didn’t think of it.

angle and snowman present toppers

Here’s my angel and snowman “present” toppers made with my circut. They stand 28” and 30” tall. I think the kids will get a kick out of them!

santa present topper

And of course I couldn’t leave Santa out! He’s on top of our hutch that I plan on decorating with garland and lights…and a couple of presents.

PRESENTS Christmas Staricase Decoration

The biggest “present” decoration of all is my present Christmas staircase.  I love it and it was super easy to do. For the how-to, click here.  I made a few other “presents” to decorate the window.

Gift Bag Presents

Here’s the “present” gift bags for the adults. I just used small brown bags my daughter gave me and added some small white circle labels and a bow I made with my cricut machine.

Angel Kisses cut outs

For the kids gifts I’m planning on making Rice Krispie Angels using a funnel to form the treats, wrapping them in foil and adding the boy and girl angel cutouts.

Hot Cocoa Gift Cones

The kids will also get one of these Hot Cocoa Gift Cones.

Now all I have to do is put it all together. My husband and I usually spends one evening putting it all together. We have a lot of fun and he really gets into it!

new addition to by christmas decorations

Speaking of my husband. Here’s a cute light up snowman he bought me. He buys me something each year to add to our Christmas decorations. Isn’t that sweet:)!!

Caden’s Fire Fighter Birthday Party

17 Nov

It’s always fun helping plan my grandkids birthday parties.  This year Caden wanted a fire fighter party, and that’s exactly what he got yesterday.

caden kylan and kinzley at fire station

First, everyone met at a local Fire Station for a tour.  Here’s Caden (in the middle, wearing his Paw Patrol Necklace I made him) along with his brother, Kylan, and sister, Kinzley.


Fire Fighter Party Banner

Here’s his Happy Birthday banner I made.  The fire fighter I made on my cricut machine using the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge I borrowed from my niece…thanks Lisa!

banner close up

Sorry for the blurry picture!

For the fire, I cut out flames from card stock.   Yellow first, then traced it onto orange and cut it out a little larger, traced the orange onto red and cut it out a little larger.   Then I stapled them together and taped it to the back of the banner. I hand rolled each layer forward, giving it more of a 3D effect.

fire hats above cabinets

Katie lined up fire hats along the top of her cabinets above the food counter.

Fire Fighter party gift table

This is the gift table.  She also laid out sippy cups and hats with the kids name on them.

Food Counter

Fire fighter 3 alram chili

The menu was simple.  Spicy 3 Alarm Chili (my husband made it),  False Alarm Chili (I made to top the hotdogs)…and all the toppings.

firehouse dogs

Firehouse Dogs in the crockpot…and my Dalmatian hot dog trays. There was also a fruit platter, BBQ and regular chips, punch and pop to drink.

Dessert Table

No birthday party is complete without a few sweets!

fire fighter dessert table

Katie did a good job on this. In the yellow buckets she has labeled: Stop, Drop and Roll and filled them with gobstoppers, lemon drops and Tootsy rolls. There’s also black licorice “Rescue Ropes”, red licorice “Fire Hoses”, chocolate dipped marshmallow “Flames”, chocolate dipped pretzel rod “Match Sticks”, Oreo “Fire Truck Wheels” and of course a Fire Truck cake.

Fire fighter goodie bags

Each child also received a goodie bag filled with treats and toys.  Katie bought the bags on sale (after Halloween sale) and I ironed on the fire truck picture.

rice krispie fire truck suckers

For the goodie bags, I made these chocolate covered Rice Krispie treat (boxed) Fire Truck suckers.

blowing out candles

Here’s Caden blowing out his candles.  Katie said this morning, he told her he really liked his birthday party…yea!

A Great Christmas and Happy New Year

3 Jan

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Well, our Christmas Eve party turned out really nice.

Cupcake table

My cupcake stands worked really well. To give them some height I taped them to inverted mixing bowls.

cupcakes on homemade plates

 My grandsons surprised me with these plates they decorated.  They were just what I needed to display the extra cupcakes.

caden eating cupcake

Caden enjoyed the cupcakes…or should I say the icing. Kids, they always go for the icing first!  

Treat Filled Giant Candy Decorations

The giant candy decorations I filled with treats and trinkets were a success.   It was fun watching the kids tear them open…wish I took pictures.


 Santa made an appearance at the party too.    He’s a friend of the family who visits several houses every Christmas Eve. What do you think of his suit?   I made it for him a few years ago…that was a challenge but as you can see, it was well worth it. 

Last minute Christmas decoration

Kids Walmart Xmas Poster

 My husband, Lou, said we needed “something” on the wall above our sofa to complete our family room decorations.   I loved the Christmas card my daughter sent with the kids all dressed up for the holidays, so I asked her for the originals.   I found the ones I liked best and had this 16 X 20 poster made online at   I was able to pick it up at our local store that very day too!   My daughter staged and took these pictures herself in their home…didn’t she do a great job!   LOVE THEM.


My kids gave me an iPad for Christmas!   I made the mistake of downloading this Bingo Bash game.   It’s so addictive, I can’t stop playing it!! :)   My daughters and I have been playing Words With Friends (it’s like Scrabble) that’s a lot of fun too.   Our kids also gave my husband and I a Wii and some games.   For New Years Eve my husband and I stayed in and played Wii games…we’re getting really good at bowling!   It was so much fun and we didn’t have a hangover the next morning. 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Now I have to take down all the decorations…ugh!!!!

My Christmas Mantle and Tree

13 Dec

Finished mantle and tree

My husband and I spent the entire day yesterday, cooking and decorating our newly painted family room and kitchen area.   I just had to take a picture to show you our “Winter Wonderland” themed mantle and Christmas tree all lit up. 

I wasn’t sure what to use on the mantle with my sports snowmen and lighted garland, and then I thought of the “Let It Snow” cards. They helped add some color and interest…and of course they went with the theme.

Let It Snow cards

These took no time to make.   I used red cards and cut them to measure 4” wide X 4 1/4” high when folded.   I cut 3” squares from blue card stock and the letters from white sparkle card stock on my cricut machine, and then glued them to the cards.   I finished the mantle by hanging sparkly some snowflakes (using my cricut) from the ceiling, using clear Command hooks…I love these hooks.

Snowman Christmas Tree

Snowman topper and ornaments

My husband decided on the red and white colors for the tree and really liked the snowman topper I made.   The small fleece snowmen  I had made years ago.   I simply sewed two fleece circles together, stuffed them, sewed them closed, added a hanger, added the face with puffy paint and glued on a blue satin bow.   The snowflakes were made from craft sticks that I painted white,  glued together and then decorated with silver glitter glue. 

My New Snowman Tree Topper

Snowman tree topper

This snowman tree topper just kinda happened by accident, and at the last minute, so I didn’t get a chance to take “how to” pictures.   I had intended on using the head “form” for something else, but when my husband said we needed a tree topper I knew the form would make a perfect lighted snowman topper. 

I had made the form by layering a balloon with strips of cheesecloth soaked in a glue and water mixture.   I made the strips long enough to go from the top, down and around and back up to the top, and secured the ends with a rubber band.   I made sure I overlapped the strips to give it more strength when dry.   I hung it and allowed it to completely dry.  I removed the rubber band, popped and removed the balloon.   NOTE: This form is not real hard, so you need to be careful working with it. 

I knew I wanted to be able to stick a lighted tree branch inside the “head”  so I glued about a 3” piece of a cardboard tube inside the form opening.   I “gently” put on the beanie and then cutout and glued on the felt eyes and nose. 

I gently placed him on the tree and then wrapped a folded strip of red felt around his neck and fringed the ends.   Voila!   My lighted snowman tree topper! 

Now, I’ve got a new project that my husband gave me to do.   It’s another snowman… apparently there’s a wall that needs “something”.   I’ll post about it later…I hope.   I have no idea what I’m going to make.

Decorating Will Have To Wait, So I’ll Make My Giant Wrapped Candy Decorations

5 Dec

A few days ago I thought I would clear out the family room and start decorating it for Christmas. I was really excited to get my Sports Snowmen up on the mantle.

Mantle Decorations

I got this far and was deciding where to hang the sparkly snowflakes, when my husband told me that if I still wanted, he would re-paint our family room and kitchen area.   Of course I said yes!   Neither one of us liked the green accent wall and the rest of the walls really needed a fresh coat of paint. 

So, out went the decorations…and just about everything else too. 

With the help of our local Sherwin Williams’s interior decorator, we chose two new colors.   I can’t wait until it’s done! 

So, while I was waiting for paint to dry…literally, I started making my giant wrapped candy decorations to go with my “sweets” theme in the living room and dining area.

Treat Filled Giant Candy Decorations

I wanted something fun for the kids this year and was thinking of making pinatas.   I didn’t want to mess with the paste and paper and all the dry time…I needed to make 5 of them, so I came up with these giant wrapped candies.   They’ll fit right in with the giant round candy decorations I made on my circuit machine.   I’ll be filling the candy with some homemade treats like my candy bracelets and granola bars, and and maybe some small toys or trinkets.

Here’s how I made them.

giant candy decorations how to pic

I bought 14” X 22” posters and cut them to 11” X 22”.   I rolled the posters into 16” tubes and secured them with tape.   I then wrapped them in two sheets of tissue paper and gathered one end and tied it closed.   I shoved the other tissue ends into the tubes…I’ll gather and tie them closed after I fill them with goodies and toys.   For the stripes I simply cut five 11” pieces of 1/2” vinyl tape and placed them evenly around the tube.   I was thinking of putting the kids names on them, but decided not to.   I want them to be surprised when I hand them one to tear open. 

I’ve got the perfect place to hang these colorful giant wrapped candies!   And the kids will never know they’re hiding special treats just for them. 

Visit my Etsy Shop to view my sewing patterns!

My Mini Cupcake Stand and Wall Decor

25 Nov

I needed a way to display the mini cupcakes I’m planning to make for our Christmas Eve party, and I came up with this really easy cupcake stand. 

Here’s how I made it.


one 12” and one 14” cake boards (I found them at Walmart for about $4 each.   They come in 5 -12” board and 4 -14” board packs)

12” Styrofoam cone

12” x 12” (glitter) cardstock

Box cutter

Glue stick

Red vinyl tape (not pictured)

Cricut Machine

For the 12” cake board I cut a 9”cardstock circle using the Real Size button on my cricut machine.   I unloaded it and marked the center of the circle with a pencil.   Then I loaded the paper back into the machine, moved the butting blade to the pencil mark and cut a 2 1/4” circle using the Center Point and Real Size buttons. 

For the 14” cake board I cut a 11” cardstock circle using the Fit To Page button on the cricut machine.   Like the 12” circle I marked the center and then cut a 4 1/4” circle using the Center Point and Real Size buttons. 

I centered the card stock circles on the back of the cake boards, traced around the center circles, and then cut them out using the box cutter.   Take your time cutting the circles out.   Use short, repeated cuts until the blade makes it through to the other side. 

I then centered and glued the cardstock circles on top of each cake board.   I then made a cupcake out of cardstock for the top and taped a cut piece of a wooden skewer to the back. 

At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to decorate the Styrofoam cone.   I didn’t want it to clash with the boards or cupcakes, so I decided just to wrap around some red vinyl tape.   I kept the plastic on because I didn’t want any of the Styrofoam to flake off and get onto my cupcakes…that wouldn’t be very tasty. 

To assemble, I placed the 14” board on first, then the 12” board and stuck the cardstock cupcake on top. 

Since I’m planning on serving a variety of mini cupcakes, I made two stands.   If I end up with too many cupcakes, I can always cover the leftover cake boards and set them on top of inverted colorful bowls. 

Giant Cricut Cupcake Wall Decor and Wrapped Candy

To decorate the wall behind the mini cupcake table, I made these giant cricut cupcakes from glitter cardstock.  With the leftover cardstock I made small “wrapped” candy.  I’m thinking of using them to decorate the garland on the stairs.

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