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Birthday Gifts From The Grandkids

24 Apr


For my birthday this year my grandkids, Kylan, Caden and Kinzley, gave me these cute ceramics they painted! It was so cute…they all came running into the house holding up their gift bags for me to open…loved their excitement!


Here’s Kylan working on the red bird…


Caden working on the golf bag…


and Kinzley working on the teapot.

As you can see they took painting their ceramic pieces very seriously.   Katie said they couldn’t wait to pick them up after they were fired.

I really enjoyed receiving (and displaying) their works of art!


Playing Paper Dolls With Kinzley

23 Mar

My granddaughter, Kinzley, was spending the night with us Saturday. Wanting to do something special with her, I thought we would play with some paper dolls.

disney doc mcstuffins paper dolls

I found this cute Doc McStuffins paper doll set from the Disney Junior site. It includes these characters plus several outfits and accessories for Doc. I printed all the pages (7) on card stock (so they would hold up) and cut them out. I liked that you didn’t have to cut so close around the characters.

paper doll stands

There were a few things I did differently than what was instructed. I made these stands rather than the ones provided because they worked better. I also taped a piece of card stock to the back of Doc to reinforce her skinny neck.

Kinzley adding accessories

Rather than cut the flaps on the outfits, I applied repositionable glue (stick) on the back of all the pieces and let them set a few minutes. This made it really easy for Kinzley to dress Doc in whatever outfit and/or accessories she wanted to add…boy did she come up with some doozies!

The last thing I did was after taping the background pieces together, I folded it along the overlapped tape line so it could stand up.

Kinz and I had lots of fun playing with Doc and her friends!

Lego and Candyland Princess Birthday Party

13 Mar

For Kylan and Kinzley’s double birthday party this year, they chose the themes Legos and Princess. My daughter, Katie, added Candyland to Kinzley’s Princess theme so we could use one color scheme for both…primary colors.


Lego Candyland Party Invitation front

I made this Lego shaped invitation on my computer and printed them out on yellow card stock. Here’s the outside.

Lego Candyland Party Invitation-inside

For the inside I created a Candyland game board with the pertinent information, cut them out and glued them inside the card.


Kylan's Lego birthday wall

This is Kylan’s Lego wall. Katie made the banner using a Lego font; she covered the two pictures with a plastic tablecloth and added paper plates to make giant Legos; she added paper Ninja eyes to the balloons; built the number 6 (on the table) out of legos; painted the Lego containers, and…

Ninja Lego Lanterns

She made these cute Ninja Lego lanterns…

Kylan in his Lego shirt

and made Kylan (and his brother Caden) Lego shirts!

Lego juice box covers

She made these Lego juice box covers…

Lego and candy decorated cabinets

She decorated her cabinets like Legos and made the giant candies on top. It looked so good!


Kinzley's candyland birthday wall

This is Kinzley’s Candlyland Princess wall. Katie made the banner and I made the giant lollipops from pool noodles and cardboard rolls.

Kinzley's candyland birthday wall2

Katie made the number 3 picture using thumb tacks; she made lace and gem princess crowns for the girls, and added a candyland game board.

Kinzley's In her Candyland Princess Dress

Here’s Kinzley modeling her “new” candlyland princess dress. Katie bought the dress for just 99 cents! She bought the shoes and tights. What a cute little Princess!

Candyland Princess Dress Lollipops

I made the sucker embellishments from felt and ribbon and added opal pearls. Katie added the stripped ribbon.

Candyland Necklace

Katie also made the colorful necklace.


Lego food containers

The menu consisted of beef and chicken tacos and burritos, refried beans, savory and sweet cream cheese tortilla roll ups and chips and salsa. She build the plate holder out of Legos, and I made the Lego taco holders.

Easy Lego Themed Taco Holders

Here’s a close up of the Lego themed taco holders.

Dessert and Goodie table

Here’s the dessert/goodie table.

Kylan's Ninja birthday cake

Katie made both cakes. Here’s Kylan’s Ninja Lego cake sitting on a Lego built plate.

Kinzley's giant cupcake cake

Here’s Kinzley’s giant candy cupcake cake. It has a chocolate base filled with cake.

Kinzley's giant cupcake cake INSIDE

Here’s what it looks like inside…how colorful! It was yummy too:)

Blowing out their candles

Kylan and Kinzley blowing out their candles.

Layered Jello dessert

In addition to cake, there was jello and cool whip dessert…

Chocolate princess suckers and Legos

Chocolate Legos and Princess crowns…

Lifesaver candy containers

Assorted candy including these served in lifesaver candy containers Katie made by gluing foam letters onto metal cake pans and spray painting them.


Favor table

Here’s the party favor table that includes…

Lego Soap

Lego shaped soap…

Lego necklaces

Lego necklaces I made for the boys and purchased Crown bracelets for the girls…

candy filled plastic bear party favors

and these candy filled plastic bear containers. Katie bought and filled the containers and I made the hats and labels.

It was another successful party!

Kylan's Lego Bedroom

Afterwards, Katie used many of the Lego decorations to decorate Kylan’s bedroom…he loves it!

Caden’s Construction Birthday Party

16 Jan

For my grandson, Caden’s 4th birthday this past November, his mom and I put together a Construction Party for him. As always, we went overboard, but hey, it’s just so much fun to do and everyone enjoys it.

construction invitationsKatie made these super cute dump truck invitations from card stock.

construction party front door

For the front door, Katie made this orange extension cord wreath she saw on Pinterest, and the sign was made with her cricut machine.

construction vests_toolbelts_hats

Once inside, each child was given a personalized Construction vest, tool belt and plastic construction hat. I had a lot of pink felt and so I decided to make the girls vests pink. Further down you’ll see the favors we made to put inside the tool belts :)

punch container for the construction crew

We used my husbands orange construction cooler for the kids punch and personalized yellow sippy cups. For the gifts, Katie used a wheel barrel…sorry I didn’t get a picture.

construction party snack table

For the goodie table, we had chocolate donut spare tires, orange jello barricade cups, yellow and orange chocolate hard hats, orange cupcakes, chocolate pudding topped with oreo “dirt” and chocolate rocks (in the dump truck)…

marshmallow paint brushes

Chocolate dipped Marshmallow paint brushes on top of a decorated paint can,

chocolate coins

Chocolate coins (day wages) in a toy bulldozer. Katie bought the large construction vehicles and then gave them to Caden afterwards.

construction birthday cake

and of course this construction birthday cake Katie made…from scratch.

inside the construction cake

Here’s what a slice of it looks like…neat, huh?

construction Food Truck

For the food table, I kinda went over the top. I made this cabinet Construction Food Truck from felt, where we served: Ham and Cheese and Turkey and Cheese sandwiches, hotdogs, pasta cups and variety of chips.

help opening presentsOnce everyone ate, it was time for Caden to open his presents…with a little help from his sister.

Construction Party Tool Belt FavorsWhen the party was over, each child received 2 crayon tools and “construction” coloring cards to put in their tool belts to take home.

Kinzleys construction vest and toolbeltThese tool belts were super easy and no sew!  Here’s the No Sew Kids Construction Tool belt instructions.

Yep, it was another successful and fun birthday party!


FEED ME Monster Pillow Download Sewing Project

24 Nov

FEED ME Monster PillowsHow cute are these!

I needed something to make for the kids on Christmas Eve and came up with these. They’re soft stuffed pillows made from felt. They have a zipper mouth for gobbling up all sorts of things like, reading books, new pajamas, coloring book and crayons, gift cards, stickers…and more!

I had so much fun creating a different Monster for each child. 

So you too can have lots of FUN making these cute monster stuffed pillows, visit my Craftsy Pattern Store here!

My Minion Trick or Treat Bags

21 Oct

Minion treat bagsI wanted to make something that would make my grandkids Minion Halloween costumes standout from all the other Minions, so I created these Minion trick or treat bags.  If you haven’t noticed, they’re actually trash cans!  I’m so pleased with the way they turned out!

Here’s how I made them.

Mini trash cansMy daughter, Katie, found these mini trash cans at the dollar store.

Make handle slits in trash canBefore they were spray painted, I needed to make slits on both sides of the bottom and the lid for the handle. I tried using a drill with a small bit, but it didn’t work. I needed something that would melt through the heavy plastic. I ended up using an old hot glue gun (without glue stick) which worked perfectly! After all the holes were made, Katie spray painted two yellow for the boys and one purple for Kinzley…the Monster Minion!

Minion Treat bag faceFor the goggles, Katie found these black plastic glasses. I removed the sides and sewed on 1/2” elastic (sized to fit tightly around the trash can) through the screw opening at the sides. I glued the eyelids on white card stock circles and stuck them inside the glasses with a glue dot in the center. Then I hot glued on wiggly eyes to the outside.  I secured the goggle straps to the can using 1/2″ glue dots.  I used craft foam for the mouths (black for the boys and white for Kinzley’s) and red felt for the tongues and secured them to the can with double sided tape. I decided since it was a “treat” bag I’d make them licking their lips…Mmm, fill me with some treats!

minion bib inspiration picNext came making the overalls.   This was my inspiration photo.

minion overall pattern sketchFirst I sketched the pattern pieces I would need and how they would be attached to the trash cans. Then I made the pattern pieces and made a test one from scrap fabric…perfect!

minion overalls frontHere’s the finished overalls. My grandson, Kylan, actually told me “that’s just like their pants”…guess I did it right.  Here’s the Minion Overalls pattern and instructions

minion Treat bag bottomOnce the overalls were sewn, I placed them on the trash can (turned upside down) and hot glued the gathered bottom to the bottom of the can. Then I used 1/2” glue dots to adhere the bib and the strap to the can. The glue dots worked great. They’re thick and really sticky.

minion Treat bag hair insideFor the black hair, I drilled small holes in the top of the lid, inserted pipe cleaners, folded the ends and hot glued them in place. Then on the outside I trimmed them the size we wanted.

Purple minion treat bag hairFor Kinzley’s hair, we cut long pieces of thick purple yarn and unraveled them. I added a line of hot glue down the center of the lid and laid pieces of the yarn across the glue. Then I tied several strands of yarn together (with the knot in the center), and glued several of them down the center on top of the first layer of yarn. Then we trimmed the yarn as needed around the face.

Lastly, I added a couple of strips of double sided tape to the top rim of the trash cans and placed the lids on. Then I threaded 1” black nylon strap through the side slits for the handles and hand stitched the ends together. Here’s a handy tip: To keep the ends of the nylon strap from unraveling, run a flame across it. The flame melts the nylon so it won’t unravel. It works on some ribbon ends too.

Minion CostumesI can’t wait to see people’s reactions when the kids hold up their Minion bags for their treats!

Happy Halloween!



Becca’s Triceratops Halloween Costume

17 Oct

IMG_20141016_221417I was so happy to receive and post this photo from Becca, of the Triceratops Halloween Costume she made for her 2 1/2 year old using my Triceratops Costume Pattern and Instructions.  The multicolored fabric she chose definitely makes it a one of a kind costume!

Good work Becca!   Hope your kids have a great Halloween! 


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