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System Cleansing Herbal Tea

2 Jun

I’m a big believer of using natural herbs, plants and essential oils to aid in supporting the body’s own natural healing and restorative capabilities. I use them in one form or another every day for a variety of personal needs, like skin and hair care, first aid, air freshening, cleaning and pest control to name a few. 

A few years ago I came across a System Cleansing Tea recipe online.  It stated that system cleansing includes support for the blood, lymph glands and circulation, the liver to process toxins, kidneys and bowl for elimination. The herbs recommended were:

CHAMOMILE to support the liver, digestion and elimination from the bowel.

DANDELION LEAF to promote elimination by the kidney.

GINGER to stimulate circulation.

NETTLE to build the blood and improve circulation.

RED CLOVER to support the lymphatic glands.

Here’s a link to an online herb directory that you can use to read about these or any herbs your interested in before you decide to use them. http://holisticonline.com/Herbal-Med/Hol_Herb_Directory_Index.htm

I was interested and thought I would give the tea a try.  With the list in hand I went to Healthy Alternative, a nearby health food store and purchased a small amount of each herb.  I really like the fact that you can purchase as little or as much of the herbs you want.  The cost for the herbs was just $5.39.  I also bought some empty tea bags (40) that cost $3.83

When I got home I put the herbs into individual mason jars to help keep them fresh, then I added and mixed together equal amounts of each herb into a glass canister… I only added about 1/3 the amount of the Ginger Root because it was a fine powder and I didn’t want it to over power the other herbs…ginger has a spicy bite to it.

Next, I filled 6 tea bags, sealed them with my clothes iron (that was cool), and placed them in a 2 quart glass measuring cup filled with 6 cups of water. I also added a regular family size tea bag I had on hand.

I covered the bowl and microwaved it for about 7 minutes to get the water hot (not boiling), and then I let the bags steep for 15 minutes.  I removed the tea bags, squeezing them gently, and ladled the tea into a pitcher.  I added more water to fill up the 2 quart pitcher.

To sweeten it I added almost a ½ teaspoon of Stevia, a natural sweetener…it’s important to add a little at a time until the sweetness is how you want it because it’s soooooo much sweeter than sugar!

The taste wasn’t bad and I thought if it does what it says, it should be worth drinking.

Since finding this tea I usually make and drink it iced during the summer.  It’s something different than my usual pop and  water and has more health benefits than regular old ice tea too.

While on the subject of  Herbs, there’s one that I have fell in love with…..LAVENDER!  I love the aroma and found through my studies that it works wonders for just about everything that ails you.

I’ll be adding some of the ways I use Lavender in future posts.

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