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My “Presents” Christmas Decorations

12 Dec

Well, I think I’m done making the decorations for my “present” Christmas theme.

present wrapped cabinets

In the kitchen/eating area I wrapped the cabinets as presents. It was easy and really brightens up the area. It was my husbands idea…can’t believe I didn’t think of it.

angle and snowman present toppers

Here’s my angel and snowman “present” toppers made with my circut. They stand 28” and 30” tall. I think the kids will get a kick out of them!

santa present topper

And of course I couldn’t leave Santa out! He’s on top of our hutch that I plan on decorating with garland and lights…and a couple of presents.

PRESENTS Christmas Staricase Decoration

The biggest “present” decoration of all is my present Christmas staircase.  I love it and it was super easy to do. For the how-to, click here.  I made a few other “presents” to decorate the window.

Gift Bag Presents

Here’s the “present” gift bags for the adults. I just used small brown bags my daughter gave me and added some small white circle labels and a bow I made with my cricut machine.

Angel Kisses cut outs

For the kids gifts I’m planning on making Rice Krispie Angels using a funnel to form the treats, wrapping them in foil and adding the boy and girl angel cutouts.

Hot Cocoa Gift Cones

The kids will also get one of these Hot Cocoa Gift Cones.

Now all I have to do is put it all together. My husband and I usually spends one evening putting it all together. We have a lot of fun and he really gets into it!

new addition to by christmas decorations

Speaking of my husband. Here’s a cute light up snowman he bought me. He buys me something each year to add to our Christmas decorations. Isn’t that sweet:)!!

My Felt Snowman Friend(s)

17 Dec

In 2010 I made these Felt Snowman Friends to give to all the kids at our family’s annual Christmas Eve party that my husband and I host.   Instead of wrapping them I used them as part of my decorations…they were just too cute not to. Before everyone left I let the kids pick the one they wanted to take home.

These guys are really easy to make. 

My Felt Snowman Friend

Felt: white for body, black for eyes, red for mouth, pink for cheeks

Fleece or felt for beanie

Long grain rice or popcorn kernels


Embroidery thread


1.  Print and cut out Felt Snowman Friend PATTEN 

2.  Trace and cut out pattern pieces from felt. 

3.  Stitch 2 body pieces together 1/4” along both sides, leaving 4” open at the top for turning. 

4.  Stitch bottom piece to right sides of body piece 1/4”.   Clip seam allowance and turn right side out. 

5.  Fill bottom with 1-2 inches of rice or popcorn and then fill with stuffing.   Stitch top opening closed. 

6.  Beanie:   Sew the 8” sides of beanie piece together 1/2”.   Finish the seam by trimming one seam allowance close to the stitching, then fold the other seam allowance over and stitch close to edge through all thicknesses. 

7.  Beanie cuff:   Turn one edge up 1 1/4”, fold top under 1/4” and stitch in place along the fold. 

8.  Hand sew a long gathering stitch around the top of the beanie, 1” down from the edge.   Pull both ends of thread tightly to gather and tie a knot to secure.   Dab knot with glue and let dry. 

8.  Place the beanie on the body with the seam in back and tack in place at the sides. 

9.  Position the eyes, cheeks and mouth pieces with a dab of glue.   Slip stitch the pieces in place with matching embroidery thread. 

10.  If desired, add an embellishment to the beanie.

My New Christmas Mantle Snowmen

1 Dec

For my Christmas decorations this year I’ve decided on a snowman/winter theme for our family room and kitchen area and a “sweets” theme for the living room and dining room… Lisa, (my niece) I know you follow my blog, so please keep this hush, hush.

The first thing I decorate is my mantle because it’s the focal point. I always like to put my ideas down on paper first because it helps get the creative juices flowing. I knew I wanted to have three large snowmen, and then I got the idea of hanging large mittens instead of stockings and lots of sparkly snowflakes using my cricut machine.

Rather than making three generic snowmen, I got the idea of adding our favorite sport team logos (Kentucky Wildcats basketball, Ohio State football and the Cleveland Browns) to their beanies and scarves. I shared my idea with my husband and he liked it… I knew he would.

My New Sports Team Snowmen

These large snowmen are simple and easy to make, and you can keep them displayed all through the winter months. This picture shows how large they are. The tallest snowman (UK) stands about 20” tall.

I started by making a simple pattern out of paper and cutting them out of white fleece (not polar fleece). I stitched 1/4” along the side and top, leaving the bottom and 4” at the top open. I sewed on the bottom piece and then turned it right side out through the top opening.

I poured in about a pound or so of rice to weigh him down, then filled him with stuffing, and hand stitched the top opening closed.

For the beanies and scarves I found a blue fleece shirt I never wore for the UK snowman and an old winter vest with gray fleece lining for the Ohio State snowman. For the Browns snowman I bought 1/4 yard of brown fleece.

To make the beanie I measured the snowman’s head to determine the size I needed which included 1” for the hem. I stitched the short sides together to form a tube, turned under the bottom to form the hem and stitched it in place. For the top I made a tube from white felt, inserted it inside the beanie with 1/4” sticking out. With strong thread I made a gathering stitch around the beanie about 1 3/4” from the top, pulled the thread ends tightly to gather, wrapped the thread around and tied the threads together.

For the scarf size I wrapped my measuring tape around the neck and cut a 22” x 2” piece of fleece.

Now came the fun part, adding the logos!

I found the logos I wanted online, sized them to fit the beanies and scarves, and printed them on iron on transfer paper. I cut out the transfers and ironed them onto the fleece. I tested a transfer first to see what effect the heat would have on the fleece. I found that it matted down the fibers, so I tried to use ONLY the tip of the iron when applying the transfers. I still got some matting but was able to “fluff up” the fibers with an old fabric lint brush I had.

For his eyes and mouth I used puffy paint. To get the right size and placement, I cut out felt pieces and positioned them with pins. His nose is made from two felt pieces sewed together, turned, glued closed and glued on. To finish him off I found two large buttons and glued them in place.

For the smaller snowmen, I shortened the bottom about 1 inch and used a 1/2” seam allowance instead of 1/4″, and frayed the ends of the scarves.

I can’t wait to decorate my mantle with these guys!

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