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2016 Halloween Trick Or Treat Baskets

26 Oct



This year my job was to make the grandkids Halloween baskets to go with their Zoo Animal theme.  Their mom, Katie, is making all the Halloween costumes…boy is she doing an awesome job!  I can’t wait to show them to you.


This Rhino trick or treat basket is for Caden.  He’s the first one I made and I was very happy with the results.  I kinda just winged it.  The head is a template I found online and increased the size.


This Crocodile trick or treat basket is for Kylan.  He too is made from felt with rick rack teeth and scales down his tail.  He is made from a sewing pattern I downloaded and adjusted for the basket.  


Lastly, this Flamingo trick or treat basket is for Kinzley.  It’s perfect because she just LOVES pink and I found out that her Halloween costume has no pink at all!  Like the other baskets, this one is made from felt.  I made all pattern pieces. 


I also made the Giraffe, Hippo and Moose heads (shown above) to decorate their camper/campsite.  I had the felt and just couldn’t help myself!

Hope you all have a very Happy Halloween!


DIY Microwave Heat Pack

28 Nov


If you’re looking for an easy sewing project for holiday or any gift giving occasion, this Microwave HEAT PACK instructions and labels is the perfect solution.

It’s made with cotton and flannel fabric and filled with rice which can withstand repeated heating in the microwave.  There’s sewn in ties to keep the Pack nicely folded for easy storage, and labels that can be printed on card stock and tied onto the Pack or printed on iron on transfer paper and ironed on (as pictured).

It’s a great way to use up your scrap fabric.  You could also make a larger one and use it as a heated lap cover for the cold winter months.  This would be perfect for older seniors.

I have a rice pack I made over 10 years ago!  I store mine in the freezer.  My husband uses it to cool down in the summer, and we microwave it when we need it heated.


Easy and Useful Card Stock Projects

12 Jun

Here’s a couple of card stock projects I just finished and wanted to share with you.

You can use whatever card stock you have. My decorative card stock was limited, so I looked for some digital paper on Etsy and found a 48 Chevron pack at Twenty9Designs for just $3.00! I ordered it and was immediately sent the jpg files to download to my computer. I printed a couple of them on 8 1/2” x 11” white card stock I had (from Office Depot) and then printed my template on the back. Check out Jessie’s shop, she has lots of popular kids digital paper packs too.

Card Stock Plastic Card Protectors

If you’re like me you carry a lot of plastic cards, like reward cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, casino cards, and of course credit and debit cards.   It’s important to protect the card’s magnetic strip or you might end up having to get a new card…like my husband just had to do! What was surprising is that he hadn’t used that particular card for over a year!

Plastic Card Protectors

So to keep our plastic cards in working order, I created these super easy card stock card protectors. Here’s how:

Materials Needed

Plastic Card Protector Template (makes 2 protectors)

8 1/2” x 11” card stock


Double sided tape

Print the template on the back of the card stock (if using decorative stock) Cut out the templates along the solid lines and score along the dotted line.

Fold the sides to the back and secure with double sided tape Fold the bottom flap up and secure with double sided tape. Trim the back using the front (curve) as a guide, or you can leave it as is.

Zipper Change Purse INSIDE

I keep mine in my new zippered change purse.

Once you make one you’ll want to make one for all the cards you carry…and all the gift cards you give!

Card Stock Business Card Holder

I made some business cards for my blog the other day and found that I needed something to put them in.

Trident box

I found this box of Trident gum in my purse and thought something like that would be perfect to hold my business cards.

Card Stock Business Card Holder

I calculated the dimensions I needed and came up with these card stock business holders. They’re super easy to make and holds 12 cards. Here’s how:

Materials Needed

Card Stock Business Card Holder Template (makes two holders)

8 /12” x 11” card stock


Xacto knife or razor

Double sided tape

Print template on back of printed card stock

Print the template on the back of your (decorative) card stock (I made this card stock using 3 of the digital papers from Twenty9Designs…they’re so easy to use!)

Cut out template_score and foldCut out the template along the solid lines

Score and fold along the dotted lines…FYI, to score paper and card stock I use a ruler and the metal (canvas) needle, pictured above.  It’s not pointed and really strong.

Cut the slit using an Xacto knife or razor blade

Add a strip of double sided tape to the side tabs

Insert cards and secure side tabs to back

Place your business cards inside the holder and secure the tabs to the back of the holder. The business cards makes it easier to secure the tabs without squishing the box.

Insert flap in front slitInsert the flap into the slit…and you’re done!

Make one for your purse and one to keep in your car and they’ll be no excuse for not having a business card when you need one. They make nice gifts for family, friends and business owners too.

I just added these two projects along with two others here in my Craftsy Shop that you can download for just $5.00!  

Two Ingredient Handmade Clay Necklace For Caden

11 Nov

Marshall Paw Patrol Necklace

For his Firefighter birthday, I decided to make my grandson, Caden, a necklace like his favorite cartoon Paw Patrol character, Marshall.


Here’s Marshall…isn’t he cute!

Cornstarch and Glue Clay

For the clay, I saw on an online forum that you can use cornstarch and white glue. Well, that sounded easy enough, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

I only needed a small amount, so I just dumped some cornstarch into a glass bowl and mixed in enough white glue (with a spoon and then my hands) until it formed into a good, workable dough.

cutout clay necklace and allow to dry

Then I cut out the shape I wanted, poked a hole in the top (with a sewing needle) and laid it on a rack to dry. I left the needle in the hole and kept pushing it back and forth as it was drying. It took several days to dry out, but it DID and was very hard…yea!  

paint clay necklace

The next step was to paint it. I used silver, red, yellow and orange acrylic paints, allowing each coat to dry. It took at least two coats of each color.

braided plastic lace chain

For the chain I use three strands of red plastic lace I had and braided them. I did have to drill the hole a little bigger also. 

If I had to do it all over again, I would have sanded the piece first before painting it. I think Caden will enjoy it and wear it proudly, just like his friend Marshall! 

This dough is so easy to make and work with. It’s one worth trying with your kids…or grandkids, to make all kinds of things like, Christmas ornaments, gifts like, bracelets, pins, necklaces, etc. You can color the clay with food coloring too…I made some yellow but didn’t use it.

Handmade Paper Hot Dog Trays

5 Nov

dalmation handmade hotdog trays

For my grandson, Caden’s Firefighter birthday party, I made these Dalmatian Hot Dog Trays for the “Firehouse Dogs (hot dogs) we’re having.  I found a really cute mickey mouse template online, here.

I did a “print-screen” of the template, pasted it into my PrintMaster software, and covered up the Mickey graphics with white rectangles and added some large and small black dots.  I also reduced the size to hold a regular size hot dog bun. Here’s my DALMATION Hotdog Tray Template.

cutout template and score

I printed the template on white card stock, then cut it out along the solid lines.


Next, I scored along the dotted lines, folded it, applied double stick tape to the corner tabs, and secured them in place. 

I might make some larger ones too for holding chips and/or silverware. On most printers, you can increase (or decrease) the print size (scale).

Meet JELLY BEAN…My Easter Rabbit Basket

23 Mar

Jelly Bean Easter Rabbit Baskets

In 2010, I wanted to make something different for Easter to give to my grandsons that they could keep and use every year.   Thinking along the lines of a stuffed toy, I came up with these colorful stuffed felt rabbits with a basket for a belly.  I ended up making several for family and friends. 

Jelly Bean stands about 12” tall, and his belly is about 5 1/2” deep and 7 1/2” wide.   He’s stuffed with 2 cups of rice in the bottom, to keep him from falling over, and stuffing.   For my grandsons, I filled his belly with colored eggs, small toys and candy.   I also made a yellow one and filled his belly with jelly beans (of course) and sat him on the counter at work for our customers to enjoy. 

These guys are really easy to make and will definetly please any child.   Here’s the instructions.

 JELLY BEAN Easter Rabbit Basket HOW TO


½ yard 72” felt (makes 2)

Felt scraps for inner ear pieces, eyes, mouth

Black craft foam or black pipe cleaners (for whiskers)

½” Pink pompom

Large white pompom (optional)

8” – ½” boning

Embroidery thread



Fabric Glue


PDF Patterns:  These pdf files aren’t real pretty, but they’ll do the job.

JellyBeanPattern SHEET 1

JellyBeanPattern2  SHEET 2

JellyBeanPattern3  SHEET 3



Since I couldn’t fit the whole BODY pattern on my scanner, you’ll need to make one.  Do this buy cutting out the BODY and HEAD pattern pieces on SHEET1.  Then trace and cutout the BODY piece on a folded piece of paper (with the “cut on fold” edge along the fold).  Then open and tape the BODY to the HEAD pattern piece.  Cut 2 felt pieces (FRONT and BACK).



Stitch inner ear to outer ear using 1/8”-1/4” seam allowance.  Clip curves.  Turn right side out and press with hands.  Make a fold at the bottom of inner ear, pin and baste raw edges together.  Repeat for the other inner and outer ear pieces.


Stitch two hand pieces together using 1/8”-1/4” seam allowance. Clip curves. Turn right side out and press with hands. Fill with stuffing, leaving 1 ½” unstuffed. Baste raw edges together. Repeat for the other two hand pieces.


Stitch two feet pieces together using 1/8”-1/4” seam allowance. Clip curves. Turn right side out and press with hands. Fill with stuffing, leaving about 5/8” unstuffed. Baste raw edges together. Repeat for the other two foot pieces.

 HANDS and FEET “Paw” Lines:

Position hands before starting to make sure you have a right and a left hand.

With full strand (6) of embroidery thread, make “paw” lines on hands and feet by inserting the needle from the back through to the front “paw” line, then down through the bottom seam to the front of the second “paw” line, pull to tighten, then insert needle down through the bottom seam to the back where the knot is. Pull to tighten second line. Tie off.


  1. Turn top edge under 5/8” and stitch close to edge to form casing.
  2. Insert the 8” boning piece through casing so it’s centered in the middle (about 1 ½” free casing on each end). Stitch across casing on each side to secure boning.
  3. Gather bottom edge between marks.


  1. Pin BELLY, right side up, to front at sides and bottom. Baste in place ¼”.
  2. Pin EARS and FEET, right side down, to front edge at marks. Baste in place ¼”.
  3. Pin HANDS, right side UP, to front edge at marks. Baste in place ¼”.


  1. Cut a 3” vertical (up and down) slit in the middle of the head on the BACK piece. This will be used to turn Jelly Bean right side out.
  2. Pin BACK to FRONT, leaving bottom open. Stitch, using ½” seam allowance.
  3. Trim seam to ¼” and clip curves.
  4. Pin and stitch BOTTOM to FRONT and BACK, using 3/8” seam allowance.
  5. Trim seam to ¼” and clip curves.
  6. Gently turn right side out, pulling ears, hands, belly and feet, through the BACK head opening.


  1. Pour about 2 cups of rice into opening and bounce it on the table a couple of times to settle the rice. Add some stuffing, pushing it hard over the rice to keep it in place. Stuff the rest of the body. Slip stitch the opening closed.
  2. Bend ears as desired and hand sew a few stitches at the fold to hold.
  3. Tack the backside of HANDS to the belly.

Bow Tie

  1. Gather center of BOW and place the center of the folded BOW TIE piece over gathered BOW and tie in a knot in the back.
  2. Add BOW TIE around the rabbit’s neck and sew ends together, cutting to shorten if needed.

Eyes, Nose, Whiskers and Mouth

  1. Cut out eye and mouth pieces and assemble them with fabric glue. Glue to rabbit’s face as desired.
  2. Glue nose and whiskers to rabbit’s face.
  3. If desired, glue a large white pompom “tail” to the back.

Angry Bird, Dinosaur and Super Hero Birthday Party Decorations

19 Mar

For the double birthday party my daughter and I hosted, I was put in charge of the decorations for Kylan’s theme, which is Angry Birds, Dinos and Super Heroes…all the toys he loves to play with.  

Since we were having food items that go with Kylan’s theme, I decided to make these double duty decorations.   They not only decorated the kitchen cabinets, but  also let the guests know the food were serving.

Angry Bird, Dinosaur and Super Hero Decorations

Angry Bird, Dinosaur,and Super Hero Decorations

Angry Bird, Dinosaur,and Super Hero Decorations

 These were really easy to make. 

I simply found the character images I wanted online, copied them into my desktop publishing software, sized them, printed, and cut them out.   I created the grass and Super Hero Subs bursts with the publishing software and added the text I wanted.   I arranged the pieces how I wanted them and double taped them in place.

birthday party food display

These decorations really stood out against Katie’s white cabinets, and Kylan LOVED them! 

Winter Bird Seed Wreath

15 Jan

winter bird seed wreath

When I saw these homemade bird seed wreaths online, I just had to make one for my mother for Christmas.  

mini bird seed wreaths

I tried one recipe using mini bundt pans that called for just bird seed and egg whites but they didn’t harden.   I then tried this recipe ( http://www.themotherhuddle.com/tutorial-bird-seed-wreath) and it turned out great!   It was really easy and fun to make.   The only additional instructions I would give is to make sure you allow it to set for an additional 24 – 48 hours after you’ve removed it from the pan.   It needs this time to completely harden. 

My mom really liked her bird seed wreath and talking with her the other day, she said she saw a red bird pecking at it, and of course a squirrel or two…they need to eat too. 

This would make a great winter project for kids to do.   Instead of a bundt pan they could pack the mixture into large cookie cutters.   Just make sure to insert a hole for hanging…a straw would work good.

A Great Christmas and Happy New Year

3 Jan

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Well, our Christmas Eve party turned out really nice.

Cupcake table

My cupcake stands worked really well. To give them some height I taped them to inverted mixing bowls.

cupcakes on homemade plates

 My grandsons surprised me with these plates they decorated.  They were just what I needed to display the extra cupcakes.

caden eating cupcake

Caden enjoyed the cupcakes…or should I say the icing. Kids, they always go for the icing first!  

Treat Filled Giant Candy Decorations

The giant candy decorations I filled with treats and trinkets were a success.   It was fun watching the kids tear them open…wish I took pictures.


 Santa made an appearance at the party too.    He’s a friend of the family who visits several houses every Christmas Eve. What do you think of his suit?   I made it for him a few years ago…that was a challenge but as you can see, it was well worth it. 

Last minute Christmas decoration

Kids Walmart Xmas Poster

 My husband, Lou, said we needed “something” on the wall above our sofa to complete our family room decorations.   I loved the Christmas card my daughter sent with the kids all dressed up for the holidays, so I asked her for the originals.   I found the ones I liked best and had this 16 X 20 poster made online at Wallmart.com.   I was able to pick it up at our local store that very day too!   My daughter staged and took these pictures herself in their home…didn’t she do a great job!   LOVE THEM.


My kids gave me an iPad for Christmas!   I made the mistake of downloading this Bingo Bash game.   It’s so addictive, I can’t stop playing it!! :)   My daughters and I have been playing Words With Friends (it’s like Scrabble) that’s a lot of fun too.   Our kids also gave my husband and I a Wii and some games.   For New Years Eve my husband and I stayed in and played Wii games…we’re getting really good at bowling!   It was so much fun and we didn’t have a hangover the next morning. 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Now I have to take down all the decorations…ugh!!!!

What We Do For Our Kids…and Grandkids

13 Nov

My grandson, Caden is turning 2 this Saturday.   He’s really into cars, so my daughter decided to make some race cars from boxes she saw on Pinterest for his car themed birthday party.

She got several boxes, drew the shapes by hand, hot glued them together, and painted them with some leftover paint she got from her Dad…nice having a house painter in the family.  

She brought them over to my house and together we started embellishing them.   I used the cricut machine to make the numbers and headlights, and tape for the stripes and grills.   I printed off the different logos from my computer.   The wheels are CD’s glued to small black paper plates.   She found the small license plates at the Dollar Tree, and we used colored prongs to attach them and the wheels to the cars.

Here’s the McDonald’s and Huggies cars.

Here’s the Browns vs Bengals car… her husband’s a Bengals fan and we’re Brown’s fans.

And last but not least, the Bat Mobile that her son, Kylan, requested. 

We had so much fun decorating these cars…even though it took us over 5 hours!

I can’t wait to see Caden’s face when Papa and Mama bring them to the party!

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