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Dinosaur Masks For The Boys

26 Aug

kylan wearing his dinosaur mask

My grandson Kylan had been asking me to make him another Batman mask.   Unfortunately the craft foam one I made him didn’t hold up, so I decided I’d make him one from fabric.  While I was at it I thought I would make him and his brother this dinosaur mask.

dinosaur mask drawing

The first thing I did was draw the mask.  


Next, I made 3 copies of the drawing so I could cut out templates for the different pieces I wanted to cut from colored felt (back with frills, horns (3) and front).

dinosaur mask pieces laid out

Here’s the cut felt pieces laid out. I cut 2 of each horn because I wanted to stuff them to make them stick out.

glue top to back around holes

I applied fabric glue to the back of the front piece around the holes and then laid it on top of the back piece.  I pinned the elastic between the front and back pieces at each side, and then stitched the front and back pieces together using a blanket stitch.  For the eye openings, I pinned around them, then cut out the back, and blanket stitched along the opening.

mask horns

For the horns, I blanket stitched the 2 pieces together, leaving the bottom open, stuffed it with batting, and blanket stitched the opening closed.  I placed the stuffed horns where I wanted them and stitched them in place along the bottom and a couple stitches up the sides. 

I think the masks turned out good.  The boys liked them, and of course Kylan just had to ask for a T-REX mask…his favorite dinosaur.

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