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Easter Carrot Treat Holders

5 Apr

Easter Carrot treat Holders

I made these cute carrot shaped treat holders to put in the grand kid’s new Easter baskets. I think they’ll be surprised when they find out there’s goodies inside them.

Here’s how I made them:

Easter Carrot Treat Holder materials

Cut one 5” x 5” square from white paper

Cut two 8” x 8” squares from tissue paper

Cut one 2” X 3” piece of green paper and cut slits along one long edge to within 1/2” from the other edge.

wrap cone with tissue paper and trim

Roll the white square into a cone and cut off the top.

Wrap the cone with the tissue paper squares, tape and cut off the top.

make fringed tops

Roll the fringed paper piece into a tube and seal with double sided tape.

fill, twist and add fringed top

Fill the inside cone with goodies of your choice, twist the top closed, apply double stick tape around the twisted top, add the fringed top and press to seal.

Pleated Easter baskets with carrot treat holders

 Here’s the carrot treat holders I made.  I haven’t filled them yet… it’s too early.  I cant’ wait to see what they do when they see them sitting in their baskets!  


A Great Christmas and Happy New Year

3 Jan

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Well, our Christmas Eve party turned out really nice.

Cupcake table

My cupcake stands worked really well. To give them some height I taped them to inverted mixing bowls.

cupcakes on homemade plates

 My grandsons surprised me with these plates they decorated.  They were just what I needed to display the extra cupcakes.

caden eating cupcake

Caden enjoyed the cupcakes…or should I say the icing. Kids, they always go for the icing first!  

Treat Filled Giant Candy Decorations

The giant candy decorations I filled with treats and trinkets were a success.   It was fun watching the kids tear them open…wish I took pictures.


 Santa made an appearance at the party too.    He’s a friend of the family who visits several houses every Christmas Eve. What do you think of his suit?   I made it for him a few years ago…that was a challenge but as you can see, it was well worth it. 

Last minute Christmas decoration

Kids Walmart Xmas Poster

 My husband, Lou, said we needed “something” on the wall above our sofa to complete our family room decorations.   I loved the Christmas card my daughter sent with the kids all dressed up for the holidays, so I asked her for the originals.   I found the ones I liked best and had this 16 X 20 poster made online at Wallmart.com.   I was able to pick it up at our local store that very day too!   My daughter staged and took these pictures herself in their home…didn’t she do a great job!   LOVE THEM.


My kids gave me an iPad for Christmas!   I made the mistake of downloading this Bingo Bash game.   It’s so addictive, I can’t stop playing it!! :)   My daughters and I have been playing Words With Friends (it’s like Scrabble) that’s a lot of fun too.   Our kids also gave my husband and I a Wii and some games.   For New Years Eve my husband and I stayed in and played Wii games…we’re getting really good at bowling!   It was so much fun and we didn’t have a hangover the next morning. 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Now I have to take down all the decorations…ugh!!!!

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