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2016 Halloween Trick Or Treat Baskets

26 Oct



This year my job was to make the grandkids Halloween baskets to go with their Zoo Animal theme.  Their mom, Katie, is making all the Halloween costumes…boy is she doing an awesome job!  I can’t wait to show them to you.


This Rhino trick or treat basket is for Caden.  He’s the first one I made and I was very happy with the results.  I kinda just winged it.  The head is a template I found online and increased the size.


This Crocodile trick or treat basket is for Kylan.  He too is made from felt with rick rack teeth and scales down his tail.  He is made from a sewing pattern I downloaded and adjusted for the basket.  


Lastly, this Flamingo trick or treat basket is for Kinzley.  It’s perfect because she just LOVES pink and I found out that her Halloween costume has no pink at all!  Like the other baskets, this one is made from felt.  I made all pattern pieces. 


I also made the Giraffe, Hippo and Moose heads (shown above) to decorate their camper/campsite.  I had the felt and just couldn’t help myself!

Hope you all have a very Happy Halloween!


DIY Microwave Heat Pack

28 Nov


If you’re looking for an easy sewing project for holiday or any gift giving occasion, this Microwave HEAT PACK instructions and labels is the perfect solution.

It’s made with cotton and flannel fabric and filled with rice which can withstand repeated heating in the microwave.  There’s sewn in ties to keep the Pack nicely folded for easy storage, and labels that can be printed on card stock and tied onto the Pack or printed on iron on transfer paper and ironed on (as pictured).

It’s a great way to use up your scrap fabric.  You could also make a larger one and use it as a heated lap cover for the cold winter months.  This would be perfect for older seniors.

I have a rice pack I made over 10 years ago!  I store mine in the freezer.  My husband uses it to cool down in the summer, and we microwave it when we need it heated.


Meet JELLY BEAN…My Easter Rabbit Basket

23 Mar

Jelly Bean Easter Rabbit Baskets

In 2010, I wanted to make something different for Easter to give to my grandsons that they could keep and use every year.   Thinking along the lines of a stuffed toy, I came up with these colorful stuffed felt rabbits with a basket for a belly.  I ended up making several for family and friends. 

Jelly Bean stands about 12” tall, and his belly is about 5 1/2” deep and 7 1/2” wide.   He’s stuffed with 2 cups of rice in the bottom, to keep him from falling over, and stuffing.   For my grandsons, I filled his belly with colored eggs, small toys and candy.   I also made a yellow one and filled his belly with jelly beans (of course) and sat him on the counter at work for our customers to enjoy. 

These guys are really easy to make and will definetly please any child.   Here’s the instructions.

 JELLY BEAN Easter Rabbit Basket HOW TO


½ yard 72” felt (makes 2)

Felt scraps for inner ear pieces, eyes, mouth

Black craft foam or black pipe cleaners (for whiskers)

½” Pink pompom

Large white pompom (optional)

8” – ½” boning

Embroidery thread



Fabric Glue


PDF Patterns:  These pdf files aren’t real pretty, but they’ll do the job.

JellyBeanPattern SHEET 1

JellyBeanPattern2  SHEET 2

JellyBeanPattern3  SHEET 3



Since I couldn’t fit the whole BODY pattern on my scanner, you’ll need to make one.  Do this buy cutting out the BODY and HEAD pattern pieces on SHEET1.  Then trace and cutout the BODY piece on a folded piece of paper (with the “cut on fold” edge along the fold).  Then open and tape the BODY to the HEAD pattern piece.  Cut 2 felt pieces (FRONT and BACK).



Stitch inner ear to outer ear using 1/8”-1/4” seam allowance.  Clip curves.  Turn right side out and press with hands.  Make a fold at the bottom of inner ear, pin and baste raw edges together.  Repeat for the other inner and outer ear pieces.


Stitch two hand pieces together using 1/8”-1/4” seam allowance. Clip curves. Turn right side out and press with hands. Fill with stuffing, leaving 1 ½” unstuffed. Baste raw edges together. Repeat for the other two hand pieces.


Stitch two feet pieces together using 1/8”-1/4” seam allowance. Clip curves. Turn right side out and press with hands. Fill with stuffing, leaving about 5/8” unstuffed. Baste raw edges together. Repeat for the other two foot pieces.

 HANDS and FEET “Paw” Lines:

Position hands before starting to make sure you have a right and a left hand.

With full strand (6) of embroidery thread, make “paw” lines on hands and feet by inserting the needle from the back through to the front “paw” line, then down through the bottom seam to the front of the second “paw” line, pull to tighten, then insert needle down through the bottom seam to the back where the knot is. Pull to tighten second line. Tie off.


  1. Turn top edge under 5/8” and stitch close to edge to form casing.
  2. Insert the 8” boning piece through casing so it’s centered in the middle (about 1 ½” free casing on each end). Stitch across casing on each side to secure boning.
  3. Gather bottom edge between marks.


  1. Pin BELLY, right side up, to front at sides and bottom. Baste in place ¼”.
  2. Pin EARS and FEET, right side down, to front edge at marks. Baste in place ¼”.
  3. Pin HANDS, right side UP, to front edge at marks. Baste in place ¼”.


  1. Cut a 3” vertical (up and down) slit in the middle of the head on the BACK piece. This will be used to turn Jelly Bean right side out.
  2. Pin BACK to FRONT, leaving bottom open. Stitch, using ½” seam allowance.
  3. Trim seam to ¼” and clip curves.
  4. Pin and stitch BOTTOM to FRONT and BACK, using 3/8” seam allowance.
  5. Trim seam to ¼” and clip curves.
  6. Gently turn right side out, pulling ears, hands, belly and feet, through the BACK head opening.


  1. Pour about 2 cups of rice into opening and bounce it on the table a couple of times to settle the rice. Add some stuffing, pushing it hard over the rice to keep it in place. Stuff the rest of the body. Slip stitch the opening closed.
  2. Bend ears as desired and hand sew a few stitches at the fold to hold.
  3. Tack the backside of HANDS to the belly.

Bow Tie

  1. Gather center of BOW and place the center of the folded BOW TIE piece over gathered BOW and tie in a knot in the back.
  2. Add BOW TIE around the rabbit’s neck and sew ends together, cutting to shorten if needed.

Eyes, Nose, Whiskers and Mouth

  1. Cut out eye and mouth pieces and assemble them with fabric glue. Glue to rabbit’s face as desired.
  2. Glue nose and whiskers to rabbit’s face.
  3. If desired, glue a large white pompom “tail” to the back.

Planning A Double Birthday Party

19 Feb

My daughter Katie and I have been planning a double birthday party for her son Kylan, who’s turning 4 on March 7th, and her daughter Kinzley, who’s turning 1 on March 8th.   When Katie was in labor with Kinzley, she was determined NOT to have her on Kylan’s birthday.   She barely made it.   Kinzley was born at 12:07 a.m. 

The Invitations

For the invitations, Katie liked the “What are little boys/girls made of” sayings, and so we thought about it and decided to personalize it by including what Kylan and Kinzley were made of.   We came up with sayings for Kylan and Kinzley and the pictures she wanted on them. 

Below is what we came up with.   I created three to a page in a PDF file and sent it to her.  Katie printed them on photo paper (that was blank on the back), cut them and mailed them in number 10 envelopes.

Kylan and Kinzley INVITE pg1

This is the front of the invitation. The print quality here isn’t that great, but you get the idea.

Kylan and Kinzley INVITE pg2

This is the back of the invitation with the place, date and time, and the what Kylan and Kinzley is made of sayings we came up with.   If you can’t read them, they say:

“Our little boy is made of Angry Birds and Dino and all the Super Heros”, and

“Our little girl is made of tutus and bows and the kisses she blows”. 

I’ve got my invitation on my refrigerator, and I just have to smile every time I look at it…I’m so blessed! 

Well, I’ve got a lot of decorations to make for the kids birthday party.   I’ll be posting them later.   I can’t wait to show you the Angry Bird decorations I’m making…they’re sooo cute!

My Christmas Mantle and Tree

13 Dec

Finished mantle and tree

My husband and I spent the entire day yesterday, cooking and decorating our newly painted family room and kitchen area.   I just had to take a picture to show you our “Winter Wonderland” themed mantle and Christmas tree all lit up. 

I wasn’t sure what to use on the mantle with my sports snowmen and lighted garland, and then I thought of the “Let It Snow” cards. They helped add some color and interest…and of course they went with the theme.

Let It Snow cards

These took no time to make.   I used red cards and cut them to measure 4” wide X 4 1/4” high when folded.   I cut 3” squares from blue card stock and the letters from white sparkle card stock on my cricut machine, and then glued them to the cards.   I finished the mantle by hanging sparkly some snowflakes (using my cricut) from the ceiling, using clear Command hooks…I love these hooks.

Snowman Christmas Tree

Snowman topper and ornaments

My husband decided on the red and white colors for the tree and really liked the snowman topper I made.   The small fleece snowmen  I had made years ago.   I simply sewed two fleece circles together, stuffed them, sewed them closed, added a hanger, added the face with puffy paint and glued on a blue satin bow.   The snowflakes were made from craft sticks that I painted white,  glued together and then decorated with silver glitter glue. 

My New Snowman Tree Topper

Snowman tree topper

This snowman tree topper just kinda happened by accident, and at the last minute, so I didn’t get a chance to take “how to” pictures.   I had intended on using the head “form” for something else, but when my husband said we needed a tree topper I knew the form would make a perfect lighted snowman topper. 

I had made the form by layering a balloon with strips of cheesecloth soaked in a glue and water mixture.   I made the strips long enough to go from the top, down and around and back up to the top, and secured the ends with a rubber band.   I made sure I overlapped the strips to give it more strength when dry.   I hung it and allowed it to completely dry.  I removed the rubber band, popped and removed the balloon.   NOTE: This form is not real hard, so you need to be careful working with it. 

I knew I wanted to be able to stick a lighted tree branch inside the “head”  so I glued about a 3” piece of a cardboard tube inside the form opening.   I “gently” put on the beanie and then cutout and glued on the felt eyes and nose. 

I gently placed him on the tree and then wrapped a folded strip of red felt around his neck and fringed the ends.   Voila!   My lighted snowman tree topper! 

Now, I’ve got a new project that my husband gave me to do.   It’s another snowman… apparently there’s a wall that needs “something”.   I’ll post about it later…I hope.   I have no idea what I’m going to make.

Decorating Will Have To Wait, So I’ll Make My Giant Wrapped Candy Decorations

5 Dec

A few days ago I thought I would clear out the family room and start decorating it for Christmas. I was really excited to get my Sports Snowmen up on the mantle.

Mantle Decorations

I got this far and was deciding where to hang the sparkly snowflakes, when my husband told me that if I still wanted, he would re-paint our family room and kitchen area.   Of course I said yes!   Neither one of us liked the green accent wall and the rest of the walls really needed a fresh coat of paint. 

So, out went the decorations…and just about everything else too. 

With the help of our local Sherwin Williams’s interior decorator, we chose two new colors.   I can’t wait until it’s done! 

So, while I was waiting for paint to dry…literally, I started making my giant wrapped candy decorations to go with my “sweets” theme in the living room and dining area.

Treat Filled Giant Candy Decorations

I wanted something fun for the kids this year and was thinking of making pinatas.   I didn’t want to mess with the paste and paper and all the dry time…I needed to make 5 of them, so I came up with these giant wrapped candies.   They’ll fit right in with the giant round candy decorations I made on my circuit machine.   I’ll be filling the candy with some homemade treats like my candy bracelets and granola bars, and and maybe some small toys or trinkets.

Here’s how I made them.

giant candy decorations how to pic

I bought 14” X 22” posters and cut them to 11” X 22”.   I rolled the posters into 16” tubes and secured them with tape.   I then wrapped them in two sheets of tissue paper and gathered one end and tied it closed.   I shoved the other tissue ends into the tubes…I’ll gather and tie them closed after I fill them with goodies and toys.   For the stripes I simply cut five 11” pieces of 1/2” vinyl tape and placed them evenly around the tube.   I was thinking of putting the kids names on them, but decided not to.   I want them to be surprised when I hand them one to tear open. 

I’ve got the perfect place to hang these colorful giant wrapped candies!   And the kids will never know they’re hiding special treats just for them. 

Visit my Etsy Shop to view my sewing patterns!

My New Christmas Mantle Snowmen

1 Dec

For my Christmas decorations this year I’ve decided on a snowman/winter theme for our family room and kitchen area and a “sweets” theme for the living room and dining room… Lisa, (my niece) I know you follow my blog, so please keep this hush, hush.

The first thing I decorate is my mantle because it’s the focal point. I always like to put my ideas down on paper first because it helps get the creative juices flowing. I knew I wanted to have three large snowmen, and then I got the idea of hanging large mittens instead of stockings and lots of sparkly snowflakes using my cricut machine.

Rather than making three generic snowmen, I got the idea of adding our favorite sport team logos (Kentucky Wildcats basketball, Ohio State football and the Cleveland Browns) to their beanies and scarves. I shared my idea with my husband and he liked it… I knew he would.

My New Sports Team Snowmen

These large snowmen are simple and easy to make, and you can keep them displayed all through the winter months. This picture shows how large they are. The tallest snowman (UK) stands about 20” tall.

I started by making a simple pattern out of paper and cutting them out of white fleece (not polar fleece). I stitched 1/4” along the side and top, leaving the bottom and 4” at the top open. I sewed on the bottom piece and then turned it right side out through the top opening.

I poured in about a pound or so of rice to weigh him down, then filled him with stuffing, and hand stitched the top opening closed.

For the beanies and scarves I found a blue fleece shirt I never wore for the UK snowman and an old winter vest with gray fleece lining for the Ohio State snowman. For the Browns snowman I bought 1/4 yard of brown fleece.

To make the beanie I measured the snowman’s head to determine the size I needed which included 1” for the hem. I stitched the short sides together to form a tube, turned under the bottom to form the hem and stitched it in place. For the top I made a tube from white felt, inserted it inside the beanie with 1/4” sticking out. With strong thread I made a gathering stitch around the beanie about 1 3/4” from the top, pulled the thread ends tightly to gather, wrapped the thread around and tied the threads together.

For the scarf size I wrapped my measuring tape around the neck and cut a 22” x 2” piece of fleece.

Now came the fun part, adding the logos!

I found the logos I wanted online, sized them to fit the beanies and scarves, and printed them on iron on transfer paper. I cut out the transfers and ironed them onto the fleece. I tested a transfer first to see what effect the heat would have on the fleece. I found that it matted down the fibers, so I tried to use ONLY the tip of the iron when applying the transfers. I still got some matting but was able to “fluff up” the fibers with an old fabric lint brush I had.

For his eyes and mouth I used puffy paint. To get the right size and placement, I cut out felt pieces and positioned them with pins. His nose is made from two felt pieces sewed together, turned, glued closed and glued on. To finish him off I found two large buttons and glued them in place.

For the smaller snowmen, I shortened the bottom about 1 inch and used a 1/2” seam allowance instead of 1/4″, and frayed the ends of the scarves.

I can’t wait to decorate my mantle with these guys!

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