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New Addition To Our Camper Storage Unit

26 Aug

Camper Storage Unit

This is the storage unit my daughter and son-in-law made for our pop up camper last year.   It really comes in handy and holds a lot of stuff.   After my husband and I went camping with them this past June, I found that we could use some additional storage space…

kitchen items in bin

for things like these…cooking utensils, cutting boards, foil, paper plates, bowls and cutlery.   So, I put my thinking cap on and…

kitchen items stored in caddy

came up with this fabric storage caddy for the left side of the storage unit.   It has a top shelf that measures 16” X 9” X 5” (with a removeable foam board bottom), a pocket that measures 9” X 8” X 2 1/2” (with a foam board front) and a detachable (Velcro) cutlery holder that measures 9 1/2” X 6”.   The back measures 16” X 22” and is made from two pieces of heavy canvas with stiff interfacing in between, and edged with bias tape.

empty storage caddy

 To attach the caddy it to the storage unit,   I added three grommets at the top and used clips to hang it on the back of the top metal shelf, and fabric strips (with Velcro) at the bottom to wrap around the metal bar to keep the caddy stationary. The caddy’s shelf sides fold over the metal shelf rungs and secured with 2” Velcro hook and loop pieces. 

The detachable cutlery holder is great because you don’t have to worry about pulling out what you need.   Simply pull the pocket off the caddy and take it to the table.

camper storage unit caddy

Here’s how the storage unit looked with the new fabric storage caddy during our camping trip a few weeks ago.   It worked out GREAT!  

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