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Mitchell Zoo Animals and Zoo Keeper Halloween

26 Oct

Zoo animal and zoo keeper Halloween Costumes

Well, here’s the finished Halloween Costumes that go with the animal trick or treat buckets I made. How awesome are they! My daughter, Katie (the Zoo Keeper), made the elephant, tiger and Zebra masks from patterns she bought from Wintercroft.com.  You need to check them out!

Their decorated campsite won 1st place at the Dayton KOA and Richmond campsites they stayed at!

elephant and tiger costumes

Her husband, Dave’s Elephant costume was a BIG hit and even won 1st Place during their Richmond Halloween event! At the Dayton KOA, little kids ran up to him and hugged him…oh, it was so sweet!

tiger costume and crocodile basket

Here’s my grandson, Kylan’s Tiger Costume. He loved it and never took off the mask!

tiger halloween costume

In fact, he would hide behind a tree at their campsite and peek around it when the hayride drove past. That may have helped them win 1st Place.

pink pumpkin pigs

And don’t you just LOVE these pink pumpkin pigs! I just think they’re sooo cute! Katie worked really hard making all the masks and campsite decorations. Good job Honey!

Cheetah Halloween Costume

Here’s my granddaughter, Kinzley’s Cheetah costume. Isn’t she just a cutie! You should have seen her dancing at the Monster Bash. She could have danced all night, LOL!

Zebra and Zoo Keeper Halloween Costumes

Here’s my grandson’s, Caden’s Zebra costume along with his mom, the Zoo Keeper and dog Rocket, the Lion. Katie used a boa for Caden’s mane, which gently flowed behind him when he walked. Rocket got lots of compliments too and he never tried taking his costume off the whole time we were out walking.

grandkids halloween costumes

Here’s the three grand kids…with Kinzley showing some “attitude”, hahaha!

My husband and I had so much fun walking around the campground with them, looking at all the great costumes and campsite decorations.

Another successful Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!


Grandkids Minion Halloween Costumes

14 Oct

Minion CostumesHere’s Kylan, Caden and Kinzley in their Minion Halloween costumes and their Minion trick or treat bags I created. I’ll tell you how to make them in a later post. I have to say they turned out so much better than I thought.

The boys shirts were purchased and dyed yellow…couldn’t find yellow shirts anywhere. Their overalls and gloves were also purchased. For their logos I printed them on transfer paper and ironed them onto square pieces of heavy interfacing and hand stitched them to their overalls so they could be removed.

For Kinzley’s outfit, I made the front bib (with the logo), added straps and sewed it onto a purchased black skirt. After I was done, Kylan told me her logo was wrong. It was suppose to be the “M” logo…oops!

I made the boys fleece hats because we couldn’t find any yellow hats. We inserted black pipe cleaners for the hair. For the eye goggles, my daughter, Katie, found this great tutorial…here.

Both boys wanted one eye, so that made our work a lot easier. I added a top and bottom eyelid on Caden’s to make it different from Kylan’s. I also used permanent markers to make the iris’s, and used black elastic for the straps instead of nylon strapping.

Purple minion hatFor Kinzley’s hair, we cut long strands of purple yarn and unraveled them. Then I took several strands and tied them together with the knot in the middle and sewed the knots onto the purchased hat. Then I took shorter strands, tied them together, brushed them and sewed them along the front.

Minion Halloween Costume pictureHere’s my favorite picture…me with Monster Minion Kinzley scaring her Minion brothers!

The kids liked their outfits so much they didn’t want to take them off! Yea, my job is done!


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