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2016 Halloween Trick Or Treat Baskets

26 Oct



This year my job was to make the grandkids Halloween baskets to go with their Zoo Animal theme.  Their mom, Katie, is making all the Halloween costumes…boy is she doing an awesome job!  I can’t wait to show them to you.


This Rhino trick or treat basket is for Caden.  He’s the first one I made and I was very happy with the results.  I kinda just winged it.  The head is a template I found online and increased the size.


This Crocodile trick or treat basket is for Kylan.  He too is made from felt with rick rack teeth and scales down his tail.  He is made from a sewing pattern I downloaded and adjusted for the basket.  


Lastly, this Flamingo trick or treat basket is for Kinzley.  It’s perfect because she just LOVES pink and I found out that her Halloween costume has no pink at all!  Like the other baskets, this one is made from felt.  I made all pattern pieces. 


I also made the Giraffe, Hippo and Moose heads (shown above) to decorate their camper/campsite.  I had the felt and just couldn’t help myself!

Hope you all have a very Happy Halloween!


My Minion Trick or Treat Bags

21 Oct

Minion treat bagsI wanted to make something that would make my grandkids Minion Halloween costumes standout from all the other Minions, so I created these Minion trick or treat bags.  If you haven’t noticed, they’re actually trash cans!  I’m so pleased with the way they turned out!

Here’s how I made them.

Mini trash cansMy daughter, Katie, found these mini trash cans at the dollar store.

Make handle slits in trash canBefore they were spray painted, I needed to make slits on both sides of the bottom and the lid for the handle. I tried using a drill with a small bit, but it didn’t work. I needed something that would melt through the heavy plastic. I ended up using an old hot glue gun (without glue stick) which worked perfectly! After all the holes were made, Katie spray painted two yellow for the boys and one purple for Kinzley…the Monster Minion!

Minion Treat bag faceFor the goggles, Katie found these black plastic glasses. I removed the sides and sewed on 1/2” elastic (sized to fit tightly around the trash can) through the screw opening at the sides. I glued the eyelids on white card stock circles and stuck them inside the glasses with a glue dot in the center. Then I hot glued on wiggly eyes to the outside.  I secured the goggle straps to the can using 1/2″ glue dots.  I used craft foam for the mouths (black for the boys and white for Kinzley’s) and red felt for the tongues and secured them to the can with double sided tape. I decided since it was a “treat” bag I’d make them licking their lips…Mmm, fill me with some treats!

minion bib inspiration picNext came making the overalls.   This was my inspiration photo.

minion overall pattern sketchFirst I sketched the pattern pieces I would need and how they would be attached to the trash cans. Then I made the pattern pieces and made a test one from scrap fabric…perfect!

minion overalls frontHere’s the finished overalls. My grandson, Kylan, actually told me “that’s just like their pants”…guess I did it right.  Here’s the Minion Overalls pattern and instructions

minion Treat bag bottomOnce the overalls were sewn, I placed them on the trash can (turned upside down) and hot glued the gathered bottom to the bottom of the can. Then I used 1/2” glue dots to adhere the bib and the strap to the can. The glue dots worked great. They’re thick and really sticky.

minion Treat bag hair insideFor the black hair, I drilled small holes in the top of the lid, inserted pipe cleaners, folded the ends and hot glued them in place. Then on the outside I trimmed them the size we wanted.

Purple minion treat bag hairFor Kinzley’s hair, we cut long pieces of thick purple yarn and unraveled them. I added a line of hot glue down the center of the lid and laid pieces of the yarn across the glue. Then I tied several strands of yarn together (with the knot in the center), and glued several of them down the center on top of the first layer of yarn. Then we trimmed the yarn as needed around the face.

Lastly, I added a couple of strips of double sided tape to the top rim of the trash cans and placed the lids on. Then I threaded 1” black nylon strap through the side slits for the handles and hand stitched the ends together. Here’s a handy tip: To keep the ends of the nylon strap from unraveling, run a flame across it. The flame melts the nylon so it won’t unravel. It works on some ribbon ends too.

Minion CostumesI can’t wait to see people’s reactions when the kids hold up their Minion bags for their treats!

Happy Halloween!



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