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Pterodactyl Head Pattern and Costume Instructions

10 Oct

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the pattern for Kylan’s Pterodactyl Costume.  I’ve attempted to recall how I made it and provided the pattern for his head and instructions to make it and the other elements of the costume.  Below is the PDF file.

Kylans Finished Pterodactyl Halloween CostumeYou may want to print and refer to this photo in case my instructions aren’t clear enough.

Pterodactyl Costume Pattern and Instructions

As far as the dinosaur egg basket, it’s simply made of paper mache on a balloon (about 3-4 layers).  Once completely dry I painted it brown and then stomped a lighter color over it with a damp sponge and sprayed it with lacquer.  Then I cut the top, made slits in the sides and added a handle.  Super easy!

Good luck and have fun!


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