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Visor Caddy For Lou

10 Jul

DIY Visor Caddy

As a little something extra for Father’s Day, I made my husband this Visor Caddy for his work van.  It holds a 4″ X 6″ notepad, pen/pencil, a travel size pack of tissues, two business card holders (one for his card to give out and one for the cards he receives), and a zipper pocket for receipts or…whatever.

Attached to visor

The visor measures 16″ X 7″ and attaches to the visor with elastic sewn on the backside.  Here’s the DIY Visor Caddy Pattern you can download.  Since this was for a cargo van, I suggest you compare it with your visor so you can make whatever changes might be needed.

Happy Sewing!

Card Stock Notepad Holder

20 Jul

Here’s another craft project I want to share with you using some of the digital paper I’m giving away here! The deadline to enter is July 31, 2014.

Notepad HoldersI’m always writing something down on notepads, be it grocery lists, weekly menus, post ideas, appointments, phone messages, reminders, etc. So, to jazz up my notepads I created these easy card stock holders. Once I’ve used all the paper, I simply remove the notepad  and insert a new one under the top and the cardboard inside the bottom flap. 

Note:  To use, remove the sheets of paper by tearing them off against the top.  This keeps the thickness of the pad under the top so it doesn’t collapse.

3 pack notepads at walmart

These 6” X 4” X 1/4” notepads are what I used to make the holders. I found them at Walmart for just 97 cents for a 3 pack. The template can be adjusted for a thicker pad.

Materials Needed

Notepad Holder Template

8 1/2” X 11” card stock


Scoring tool

Double stick tape

Ribbon, cording, decorative paper/card stock

print template on back of card stockFor the digital paper notepad holder I printed this chevron design on 2 sheets of white card stock. One for the holder and one for the front cover (optional). Then I printed the template on the back.

Cut out template pieces_score and foldCut out the template pieces, score and fold. Note: If your pad is thicker than 1/4”, read the instructions on the template to accommodate it.

fold and tape bottom pocket and topFold up the bottom pocket and secure the side tabs to the back with double sided tape.

Fold down the top flap and secure with double sided tape.

insert notepad cardboard in pocketInsert the notepad cardboard into the bottom pocket

Insert FRONT and scoreInsert the optional front cover under the top flap, score and then secure the top flap to the cover with double sided tape.

secure top as stated aboveSecure the holder to the notepad with a piece of ribbon, cording or decorative strip of paper/card stock, securing it to the back with double sided tape.

fold down top and secureFollow these instructions for holders without a cover.

Purple holder embellishmentsI had fun embellishing this one with a small flower cutout and rhinestones! :)


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