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Purse Shaped Favor and Gift Box

28 Jul

Here’s another craft project I want to share with you using some of the digital paper I’m giving away here! The deadline to enter is July 31, 2014.

Purse Favor BoxesThese cute purse shaped boxes are super easy to make. Use them as party favors filled with treats or as gift boxes for bridesmaids or a special friend…perfect size for jewelry.

Materials Needed

Purse Favor Box Template

8 1/2” X 11” heavy card stock


Scoring tool

Double sided tape

1/4” Brad (optional)

cut score and form purse templateFirst, I printed the template on 110# white card stock (from Walmart). Then I chose this polka dot digital paper and printed it on the back.

I cut out the template pieces, scored the dotted lines and folded the pieces.

To form the box I secured the sides and the bottom together with double sided tape. For the handle, I applied double sided tape on the wrong side of one side and folded it in half to secure.

handle with bradsTo attach the handle, I used double sided tape on the polka dot purse and for this one I punched holes on the purse sides and handle ends and inserted a brad.  Note: If the brad prongs are too long, you can trim them with wire cutters.


To dress them up, I placed coordinating tissue paper inside.


Paper Umbrella Craft Project

2 Jul

Here is the first of several paper craft projects I’ll be sharing with you using some of the digital papers I’m giving away here! The deadline to enter is July 31, 2014.

Paper UmbrellasThese super cute 3″ paper umbrellas can be used as picks for cupcakes or as stir sticks for your favorite party drinks.

Materials Needed

Paper Umbrella Template (Makes 3)

8” X 11 1/2” sheet white paper


1/4” double sided tape

1/4” brad (optional)

Hot glue gun and glue


Stir stick

Paper Umbrella template photoPrint the Paper Umbrella Template on the sheet of paper and then print the desired digital paper on the back. I used 24 lb paper.


Cut off the white (unprinted) ends, circle templates and instructions, then score across the paper in 1/4” intervals using the dotted lines as a guide. If using a scoring board use the 1/4” lines on the board.

accordion fold and secure endsCut one 1 1/2” wide strip (between the dotted lines), accordion fold the strip and then secure the ends to form a circle.

collapse center to form umbrella shapeCollapse the center to form the umbrella shape you want. If you want to add a paper cone top rather than a brad, make it first by cutting out the circle, cut the slit, form into a cone, and glue.

hot glue center and add topWhile holding the umbrella in place, add some hot glue inside the center opening, insert the brad and hold it in place until the glue cools enough to retain its shape.

If adding a paper cone top, add the hot glue in the center, hold the umbrella until the glue cools, and then hot glue on the cone.

hot glue toothpick slide on stir stickLastly, hot glue the toothpick or purchased stir stick to the inside.


Handmade Paper Hot Dog Trays

5 Nov

dalmation handmade hotdog trays

For my grandson, Caden’s Firefighter birthday party, I made these Dalmatian Hot Dog Trays for the “Firehouse Dogs (hot dogs) we’re having.  I found a really cute mickey mouse template online, here.

I did a “print-screen” of the template, pasted it into my PrintMaster software, and covered up the Mickey graphics with white rectangles and added some large and small black dots.  I also reduced the size to hold a regular size hot dog bun. Here’s my DALMATION Hotdog Tray Template.

cutout template and score

I printed the template on white card stock, then cut it out along the solid lines.


Next, I scored along the dotted lines, folded it, applied double stick tape to the corner tabs, and secured them in place. 

I might make some larger ones too for holding chips and/or silverware. On most printers, you can increase (or decrease) the print size (scale).

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