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My Camper Cushions and Curtains are FINISHED!

29 Jun

All I can say is, yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaa! 

I finished the curtains on Tuesday, and my husband and I took them to my daughter’s to hang them up in the camper. They turned out really nice. The hooks on the bracket clips worked out great with the grommet tops, but I think they need to be superglued on. We’ll have to work on that later. 

I finished the last cushion yesterday around noon! I took them to my daughter’s so we could put them in the camper…and of course to take some pictures. 

First, here’s the picture of what the old cushions looked like.  

My arrangement was wrong, but this is how they looked.

Here’s some pictures of our new cushions and curtain.

recovered camper cushions and bed curtains

This is the couch cushions, screened bed curtains opened, and the small roll up curtain.. For the small cushions, I had to use the seat cushion fabric because I ran out of the dark brown. Everyone really liked the screened bed curtains.   I think they look good too, and they weren’t hard to make. 

I have to tell you this…Tuesday, the cable guy was out looking at our cable and while he was doing his thing, I was in the other room hammering the grommets in the curtains…74 of them! I can’t tell you how loud my hammering was! Wham, wham, wham, wham, wham…5 times I had to hit those grommets to get them set. The cable guy never said anything…and neither did I.

camper cushions turned into a bed

Here’s how it looks with the couch cushions laid out into a bed…looks comfy doesn’t it.

recovered camper cushions and closed screened bed curtains

Here’s what I called the dining room cushions, the screened bed curtains closed, and one of the curtain panels that goes behind the sink and stove.   There is another bench and window on the other side.   These cushions also make a bed by lowering the table that sits in the middle, and pushing the seat cushions on top of the table, and then laying the back cushions down. 

All the seat cushions and the dining room back cushions have a plywood back, and the dining room and middle couch seat have two small legs screwed into the bottom to keep them from sliding off. 

I am very happy with how the cushions and curtains turned out.   It was a long couple of weeks, but well worth the time and effort…and it only cost us around $170. That comes to $8.50 a piece (12 cushions and 8 curtain panels).   It definitely pays to do things yourself. 

Now what am I going to do??? 

Take a vacation in our new camper!! 

I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

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