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2016 Halloween Trick Or Treat Baskets

26 Oct



This year my job was to make the grandkids Halloween baskets to go with their Zoo Animal theme.  Their mom, Katie, is making all the Halloween costumes…boy is she doing an awesome job!  I can’t wait to show them to you.


This Rhino trick or treat basket is for Caden.  He’s the first one I made and I was very happy with the results.  I kinda just winged it.  The head is a template I found online and increased the size.


This Crocodile trick or treat basket is for Kylan.  He too is made from felt with rick rack teeth and scales down his tail.  He is made from a sewing pattern I downloaded and adjusted for the basket.  


Lastly, this Flamingo trick or treat basket is for Kinzley.  It’s perfect because she just LOVES pink and I found out that her Halloween costume has no pink at all!  Like the other baskets, this one is made from felt.  I made all pattern pieces. 


I also made the Giraffe, Hippo and Moose heads (shown above) to decorate their camper/campsite.  I had the felt and just couldn’t help myself!

Hope you all have a very Happy Halloween!


Travel Bag and Toiletry Bag Sewing Pattern

24 Jun

Travel and Toiletry Bag Pattern

I finally finished writing the sewing pattern for these Travel and Toiletry Bags that have been sitting in my sewing area for weeks!  I promised my daughter she could have them (she gave me the idea) and the other day she saw them and said, “I can’t wait to get my bags”…OK, Katie, I got the hint.  They’re all yours:)

CRAFTY Open travel photo

The Large Travel Bag measures 20″ X 11″ X 7″ deep, has a lined front divided pocket, three (3) inner pocket and a shoulder strap.  

CRAFTY Open toiletry bag

The Toiletry Bag measures 10″ X 6″ X 4 1/2″ deep and has three (3) inner pockets and short handles.  It’s roomy enough to hold your toiletries, brush/combs and your make up.

Check my Etsy Shop (Craftsy cut most of my patterns due to their restructuring). I’ll be adding more patterns to my etsy shop, so check back!

My Dog Leash and Treat Bag with Poop Bag Dispenser

30 Apr

Craftsy AD 3 in 1 photo

For all you dog lovers, here’s my latest Sewing Pattern.

I had been working on designing a dog treat bag pattern that hooked onto a leash.  I thought it was a good idea, but then I got a BETTER idea, which was to incorporate the Poop Bags into the design.

I also decided to include how to make a dog leash and came up with this Dog Leash and Treat Bag with Poop Bag Dispenser Pattern

The Dog Leash is super easy to make and fun to coordinate with the Treat Bag fabric.

The Treat Bag is, well, kinda neat and very practical!  It’s easy to make and easy to use.   Just place a Poop Bag roll into the bag lining and push the end through the bottom opening.  Close the lining and fill the top with dog treats…or people treats…or personal items such as keys, ID and some money.  Then simply attach it onto the dog leash with the swivel hook.

You can purchase this pattern for $4.50 by emailing me…Craftsy has decided to remove all but 4 of my patterns plus hundreds of other designers patterns!

Thank you and Happy Sewing!

DIY Microwave Heat Pack

28 Nov


If you’re looking for an easy sewing project for holiday or any gift giving occasion, this Microwave HEAT PACK instructions and labels is the perfect solution.

It’s made with cotton and flannel fabric and filled with rice which can withstand repeated heating in the microwave.  There’s sewn in ties to keep the Pack nicely folded for easy storage, and labels that can be printed on card stock and tied onto the Pack or printed on iron on transfer paper and ironed on (as pictured).

It’s a great way to use up your scrap fabric.  You could also make a larger one and use it as a heated lap cover for the cold winter months.  This would be perfect for older seniors.

I have a rice pack I made over 10 years ago!  I store mine in the freezer.  My husband uses it to cool down in the summer, and we microwave it when we need it heated.


My New Zippered Change Purse

8 Jun

New Zipper Change Purse

I’ve been wanting to make a new change purse and was so happy when I received this post  from Katherine at Pillowsalamode containing several sewing project tutorials.  I chose the Zippy Wallet tutorial but cut my pieces a little bigger and without the side keyring tab (5 x 6 for the front and back, 4 x 6 for the outer pocket, and 3 x 3 1/2 for the tab).

The instructions were easy to follow, and the way she (Anna) sewed both the outside and lining pieces to the zipper was new to me…I love learning new sewing techniques!

Zipper Change Purse INSIDE

Here’s what the inside looks like. There’s plenty of room to hold my change, folded bills and credit, loyalty and gift cards – nicely tucked inside card protectors…that’s for another post!

Thanks Katerine and Anna!

Recovered Swivel Dining Room Chairs

16 May

Dining room chairs to recover

I’ve been wanting to recover these swivel dining chairs for some time now. They were still in good shape (I’ve had them for over 18 years) but the fabric and design are outdated and I wanted to add more color to the room.

New fabric

This is the fabric I chose. I found it at Joann’s at 40% off. I can’t believe how expensive home décor fabric is, but it’s still cheaper to recover than purchase new chairs!

Remove cushions from frame and base

The first thing I did was to remove the cushions from the frame and legs and then remove the fabric from the cushions.

Remove staples with screw driver and pliers

For the bottom cushion, I had to remove the dust cover and the fabric. There was a TON of staples! To remove the staples I used a small flat head screwdriver to pull up one side of the staple and then needle nose pliers to pull out the other side.

Remove old fabric from Back cushion

For the back cushion, I removed the staples at the bottom and slipped off the cover. I ripped the cover apart and saw that the seam allowance was about 3/8”. I ironed all the pieces and used them to determine how much material I needed for 4 chairs.   

Use old fabric pieces to cutout new ones

I cut the new pattern pieces from the old ones.

staple new fabric to seat cusion

Pulling the fabric tightly, I stapled the fabric to the seat cushion. Then I stapled on the dust cover.

I sewed the back cushion cover and slipped it over the cushion. I left the plastic on the top of the cushion because it makes it easier to slip the cover on. I added more batting and then stapled the bottom opening in place.

Attach cushions to frame

I attached the cushions to the chair base and frame.

Attach back cushion

To insert the side screws, I used pins to locate the holes in the cushion, then used a nail set punch to poke a hole through the fabric.

Recovered Swivel Dining Chairs

Here they are!  I’m really pleased how well they turned out. The fabric is beautiful and definitely adds more color to the room!

Kinzley’s Baby Girl Triceratops Halloween Costume

30 Sep

Kinzleys Baby Triceratops Costume

Here’s Kinzley’s Baby Girl Triceratops Costume and Dinosaur Egg basket I finally finished.

Kinzleys Baby Triceratops Costume front view

Here she is modeling it for Mom…she’s such a cutie!   Her mom made the tutu to make the costume more girly.   Apparently she didn’t want to wear her gloves…maybe I’ll stitch them to the cuffs so they just lay on top of her hands.

Kinzleys Baby Triceratops Costume head down

Here she is with her head down to show her face. I love the way the eyelashes turned out!  She also has a small striped tail that sticks out of her tutu.

All three kids in dinosaur costumes

Here’s a picture their mom took of all three of the kids modeling their dinosaur Halloween costumes…it’s now my new screensaver! 

It took me on and off about a month to make all three costumes, but I enjoyed every minute of it.   I made sure to stitch everything to the sweats, with the exception of their hands (gloves).   After Halloween these costumes will be for playing, so I wanted to make sure they would hold up!

Kylan and Caden’s Completed Halloween Costumes

26 Sep

Kylans Finished Pterodactyl Halloween Costume

Here’s Kylan’s completed Pterodactyl Halloween Costume and Dinosaur Egg basket.   The best part was that I already had all the fabric in my stash!   The metallic looking animal print fabric I used for his hands, feet and chest was leftover from a clutch purse I made my oldest daughter years ago.   It was perfect for this project.   Just goes to show that it pays to keep your scraps of fabric!

Kylans Pterodactyl Costume FRONT VIEW

Here’s Kylan in his costume…front view.

Kylans Pterodactyl Costume SIDE VIEW

Here’s the side view.  Here’s the Pterodactyl Costume Pattern and Instructions

Cadens Triceratops Halloween Costume

Here’s Caden’s completed Triceratops Halloween Costume and Dinosaur Egg basket.   I did have to purchase the felt.   Like Kylan’s, his eyes are also the “glow in the dark” ping pong balls.  I wasn’t sure what color of felt to purchase to go with his sweats, so I asked my oldest daughter, Chrystal, who has a degree in Interior Design.  She gave me several options and Katie and I decided on orange.  We’re so glad we did because the colors really look good together. 

Cadens Triceratops Costume FRONT VIEW

Here’s Caden in his costume…front view.

Cadens Triceratops Costume SIDE VIEW

Here’s the side view.  Triceratops Costume Pattern and Instructions

I’m REALLY happy with the way they turned out, and the boys can’t wait to wear them on Halloween!

I still have Kinzley’s costume to finish.  She’s going to be a Baby Girl Triceratops.  I’ve got everything done except determining where to attach her face, tutu and tail.  I can’t wait to show you her costume when it’s done!

New Addition To Our Camper Storage Unit

26 Aug

Camper Storage Unit

This is the storage unit my daughter and son-in-law made for our pop up camper last year.   It really comes in handy and holds a lot of stuff.   After my husband and I went camping with them this past June, I found that we could use some additional storage space…

kitchen items in bin

for things like these…cooking utensils, cutting boards, foil, paper plates, bowls and cutlery.   So, I put my thinking cap on and…

kitchen items stored in caddy

came up with this fabric storage caddy for the left side of the storage unit.   It has a top shelf that measures 16” X 9” X 5” (with a removeable foam board bottom), a pocket that measures 9” X 8” X 2 1/2” (with a foam board front) and a detachable (Velcro) cutlery holder that measures 9 1/2” X 6”.   The back measures 16” X 22” and is made from two pieces of heavy canvas with stiff interfacing in between, and edged with bias tape.

empty storage caddy

 To attach the caddy it to the storage unit,   I added three grommets at the top and used clips to hang it on the back of the top metal shelf, and fabric strips (with Velcro) at the bottom to wrap around the metal bar to keep the caddy stationary. The caddy’s shelf sides fold over the metal shelf rungs and secured with 2” Velcro hook and loop pieces. 

The detachable cutlery holder is great because you don’t have to worry about pulling out what you need.   Simply pull the pocket off the caddy and take it to the table.

camper storage unit caddy

Here’s how the storage unit looked with the new fabric storage caddy during our camping trip a few weeks ago.   It worked out GREAT!  

My Casino Purse

25 Jul

My daughter and I are going to Hollywood Casino, while our husbands are out of town golfing.  For the occasion, I made myself this “casino purse”.

close up of players card pocket

I call it a “casino purse” because it’s small (only 6” X 6” X 2”), and has a front pocket to hold my Players Card.  It also has a zipper closure and shoulder strap for hands-free playing…slots, of course. 

size against other purse

Here it is next to my everyday purse to give you a better idea of the size.  Perfect for holding just the essentials.

It sure is nice being able to whip something up when I need it. 

Wish me (and my daughter) luck everyone!

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